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Do you have something you want to share that will improve someone else’s quality of life?  A personal experience, advice or something you learned recently that you believe will make a difference for others?

We want to read it and share it!  As long as you can offer something of value to our readers, we’ll be grateful and give you credit.

So, what’s next?

Our site receives quite a few articles on a regular basis.  In an effort to manage our time and efficiently provide resources to our readers, we only publish articles with little to no spelling and grammatical errors.

This is not in any way personal, nor is it a reflection of your article’s value.  It’s just not practical to comb through article, after article filled with errors.  If your article is accepted for publishing, please note we reserve the right to make minor corrections.

Article Submission Requirements

  • You must be the author of an original article (not copied from another source).
  • Your article must be at least 400 words in length and include at least one image.
  • We don’t accept anything that promotes adult material, hate, gambling, affiliate products or spam sites.
  • Providing links and sources cited in your article will improve your chances of acceptance.
  • By submitting your article to Quality Life Resources, you acknowledge that we will be the sole publisher of the content and we acknowledge that you will receive full credit as the author.
  • Include a short bio, a brief summary, 3-5 keywords and an image to be included with your article.
  • Please use your article title as the subject of the email when submitting your material.
  • Submit your article and category by sending an email to contact [at] qualityliferesources [dot] com.
  • Submissions that do not fit the above requirements will not be considered.

**Please note: submission of your guest post does not guarantee publication.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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