15 Tips to Stage Your Home for Sale on a Budget

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Staging a home for sale isn’t about spending money on beautiful items that are just for show. It’s about strategic preparation and understanding what your buyer wants to buy – their dream home.

People shop for homes like they shop for anything else. They want to visualize their personal experience with the item. Make your home a clean palate waiting to be painted into the perfect work of art. Instead of adding items to your home for staging purposes, remove or adjust your own to recreate the look.

Make your home appear simple, clean, and minimalistic. You don’t want to make your home look prepared for a home Interiors photo shoot filled with accessories and design. You want the look of your home to be as simplified as possible to allow the new home owners to imagine the house decorated to suit their own tastes.

  • Clean. The most important tip, clean your house or hire a professional.
  • Open windows and doors to let fresh air inside the house and clear any lingering scents.
  • Maximize lighting. Open all the windows and turn on all the lights. Open blinds or remove them altogether.
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned or hire a machine and do it yourself.
  • Vacuum and sweep before each viewing. A clear floor makes such a difference.
  • Stick to neutrals and remove color themes that run throughout your home. Allow the buyer to imagine their colors of choice running throughout the home, not yours.

  • Put food away in the pantry. Don’t leave out cereal boxes or condiments.
  • Organize storage spaces. Wardrobes are a huge selling point.
  • Store any extra furniture pieces such as extra seating, baby high chair, or foot stools.
  • Remove or store all home accessories. The rooster collection in your kitchen may be charming to you but hideous to someone else. Either pack them up or sell them.
  • Create a clean and minimalist look. Store scatter cushions and throws and any other decorative accents.
  • Hide personal mementos. Remove picture frames, awards, photo albums, even your childhood teddy bear.
  • Make your home more inviting. Light a scented but not overpowering candle and add simple flowers throughout the home.
  • Have a neighbor or friend inspect your home to provide you with feedback.
  • Try to avoid being at home if possible. Take your family and your pets and allow the buyers to get a feel for the house so they can imagine their own family and pets living in the house.

You don’t need to spend much to make your home look more appealing to prospective buyers. Follow these simple tips and create an ideally staged home on a budget.

 This is a guest post.  Aj Akram has worked as an estate agent for 5 years in the cut-throat London property market. He knows how to sell your house quickly, and in this article shares his top 15 tips.

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