16 Things To Know Before Planning A Sweet 16

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Image courtesy of Rosen Georgiev / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Rosen Georgiev / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A sweet 16 is a momentous event in a girl’s life and should be planned out carefully to make her happy.

Some may argue that you can never make a 16 year old girl happy and this should be considered at all times.

There are a lot of different things to consider when planning out a sweet 16 party and this article will provide 16 items that should be considered when planning out a sweet 16.

Planning for a Party

Tip one is to understand what your teen is looking for from there sweet 16. Is she the type who prefers a big bash or is she looking for a smaller event with a few friends. Tip 2 is to brace her for what’s coming.

If you are planning a smaller party than what she wants she should be aware. The third tip is to find an ally amongst her friends. You don’t know the people she would be interested in inviting like her friends would.

Consult with them to get a guest list that she would be happy with. Tip 4 involves choosing a site; something local is convenient for everyone and is the best option for a sweet sixteen party.

Tip five is inviting some family members and some friends. Don’t limit one group for the other. Friends are fun but won’t give good gifts. Family memories are more lasting and can be remembered for years to come.

Entertaining at The Party

Tip 6 involves the entertainment. Don’t use your tastes to decide what’s fun. Hire someone your daughter’s age and have entertainment that appeals to her generation. It is her special day and not your own.

Tip 7 involves catering options. Kids don’t like sophisticated food items. Fun finger foods make the event special. Tip 8 involves decorations. Make it age appropriate. Not too childish and with some sophistication.

Your daughter is becoming an adult and the decor should showcase that.

The Day of The Party

These tips are for the day of the party. Tip nine involves giving your daughter space to be with her friends. Don’t insert yourself into the spotlight too much.

After the event, tip ten involves letting her enjoy herself with her friends. Don’t confine her to the house. She is an adult now. Tip 11 involves developing boundaries. An example includes no alcohol.

Don’t let a party spiral out of control. Tip 12 includes maintaining a schedule. Keep the hours tight and adhere to the schedule. Having tons of teens hanging around late at night isn’t great for anyone.

After the Party

Tip 13 involves bringing a comfortable pair of clothes to change to. You never know what will happen an it is best to be prepared. You should also know that sweet 16 parties can spiral out of control in terms of cost.

Have a budget and stick to it no matter what. Tip 15 is that you should remain sober at all costs. It is not a good time for you to let your guard down as your daughter and her friends will likely see you as a role model and may emulate your actions.

Tip sixteen is to sit back and have fun. A sweet sixteen only comes around once a life and it should be a good time for all.


A sweet sixteen party can be a lot of fun if you plan it in advance and keep these tips in mind. On the day of the party keep your cool and enjoy the day.

This article was written by Zoe White, creative writer for Event Source Solutions. Zoe is a southern California native who loves the beach, sports, and trying new foods. She is currently a sophomore at Stanford University pursuing a degree in Human Biology.

Image courtesy of Rosen Georgiev / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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