2 Things That Could Lead to Youth Crimes

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Teens are vulnerable. They are quite young, and, at this stage in their lives, many are confused about who they are and what they want to be. They are faced with so many challenges, from school or academic work to sports and other extra-curricular activities. Then, they also have to face bullying, peer pressure, violence, and drugs.

At home, in school or just outside, adolescents are facing dangers because they are surrounded by predators, from terrible molesters and pedophiles, to kidnappers and other sorts of criminals. The scary thing is that many kids also hurt other teens. When you listen to news these days, you’ll hear of an older child killing his younger sibling because of jealousy.

There are also stories about friends who got into a violent fight, ending with one dead because of multiple stab wounds or a gun shot. Then, there are also horrific stories about teens gunning down their fellow classmates, teachers or even their parents. With such things happening almost daily, it makes us wonder what is happening to our children and our society.

Juvenile Delinquency or Youth Crime

Juveniles are individuals who are not yet 18 years old. In other words, these are the people who have not yet reached the age of majority. When a person below18 commits an illegal act or crime, such as robbery or shoplifting, this is often called “juvenile delinquency” or “youth crime.” Oftentimes, cases that involve young offenders are handled by the juvenile court.

Possible Causes of Juvenile Crimes

1. Poor Parenting

Poor parenting has often been connected to the rise in juvenile crimes. A boy, from the day he is born, has an attachment to his mother and father. No doubt, most parents want to have kids, and they love their offspring. However, because of work and other responsibilities, some parents fail to give their kids enough time and attention. Other parents are too harsh, expecting too much from their children and not allowing them to commit mistakes.

Then, there are also delinquent parents. If a child has parents who often break the law, what sort of values will he develop? In such cases, it’s like the blind leading the blind. A child born of criminal parents will be more exposed to unlawful or illegal activities, and this could develop in him a warped sense of what’s right and wrong. There are still so many actions that indicate poor parenting, such as ignoring a child, failure to provide for the physical, mental or emotional needs of a child, failure to protect a child, and many more. When there’s poor parenting, children suffer in several ways. As kids grow up, their suffering manifests in other ways, and some of them become violent criminals or repeat offenders.

2. Divorce or Legal Separation

A few decades ago, it was such an issue to get divorced. Today, however, divorces are as common as marriages. What does this say about our society? There’s a popular quote that states – “Family is the basic unit of society.” So, when the most basic unit or the foundation is broken, children will have a harder time coping. The reality is that so many kids from broken homes or divorced families suffer from neglect and inattention. These kids are confused and angry, and they lash out by misbehaving, getting into gangs or other illegal groups, being violent or committing crimes.


This is a guest post.  Claire Brown is a freelance writer who regularly writes for legal and bail bonds sites. She blogs about juvenile crimes, personal injury, as well as assault and battery.


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