20 Awesome Things to Do With Your Kids on Wet Autumn Weekends

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For every parent, the arrival of autumn is greeted by mixed emotions.

The kids are back at school. You finally have time to tackle the almighty mess that has accumulated over the six week summer holiday, clean, shop, cook, and maybe even have a sit down between all that. However, we now have the almighty hurdle that is the never-ending series of Wet Weekends – which conveniently seem to occur just as your little one decides all of their toys are “really boooring”. No longer can you just shove the kids into a sunny garden and tell them to “go play with something”.

So what do you do? Here are twenty awesome things you can do with your kids when it’s wet outside, which are guaranteed to avoid the otherwise inevitable whine of, “But muuum, I’m boreddd!”.

  1. Build a sofa fort. Use cushions as missiles.
  2. Build a blanket fort if you’re the type that gets protective over their sofas.
  3. Stick everyone’s respective wellies on and go blackberry/apple picking and make some crumble.
  4. Go to a small animal farm – most are predominately indoors, and you’ll miss the summer queues.
  5. Bake fairy cakes and then ice as their favourite cartoon characters – Cookie Monster ones are simple, look awesome and taste amazing.
  6. Write, act and film your own movie – ridiculous costumes, catchphrases and bizarre settings are encouraged.
  7. Go on a woodland walk and find the weirdest critter you can; super-size bugs and unidentifiable slimy things all count.
  8. Teach your kids to cook proper food, as the younger they learn the less chance they’ll think potato waffles and turkey drumsticks is a balanced meal.
  9. Waterproof up and volunteer as dog walkers at your local cats and dogs home.
  10. Find the nearest stream or river and play pooh sticks.
  11. Play Nonsense Scrabble. No real words needed, all you have to do is make up a word from your letters and come up with a meaning in under 10 seconds – bonus point if you can use all your letters in one word!
  12. Find your nearest Fun Pool and get there, stat.
  13. Practise your pumpkin carving for Halloween.
  14. Find out what recipes you can make with the pumpkin innards, and then get cooking.
  15. Make decorations out of salt dough for Halloween, Harvest Festival or Christmas. Bake, paint, and put away until you need them.
  16. Hone the perfect paper aeroplane design, and have a competition to see whose goes the furthest.
  17. Let your kid choose a weird fruit or vegetable from the supermarket they want to try, and find out what you can make with it.
  18. Find conkers and boil up in vinegar for a conker championship.
  19. Make your own awards with primary stickers and hold and awards ceremony. The ruder and funnier the award the better!
  20. Make Fun Sticks. Get 100 large lollypop sticks and get your little one to write/type, print and stick a boredom-busting activity on each one. Pop in a large pot, and every time they’re bored they can pick a stick!

Louise Blake is a new mum who doesn’t believe in boredom! She is also a blogger who currently writes for SchoolStickers.


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