3 Reasons To Pack The Kids Off To Grandma’s House This Summer

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3 Reasons To Pack The Kids Off To Grandma's House This Summer

My kids used to spend 2 weeks with grandma every summer and it was grandma’s idea, initially.  I’ll admit, in the beginning I had some misgivings. My mother was pretty strict when I was growing up. How would she be with my kids? While they weren’t heathens, they certainly didn’t walk around with little halos over their heads, either. Would they all end up hating each other by the end of the first week?

Looking back, it was the best thing I could have done for everybody involved. Here’s the top 3 reasons you should pack the kids up and send them off to grandma’s house this summer. While you and your husband stay home.

They Get To Bond With Their Grandma

These days most families are spread out all over the country. Sometimes, all over the world. Sending the kids to spend a couple of weeks with grandma gives everybody time to bond. Your kids, and your mother, will interact more openly when you’re not around, hovering in the background.

If you think grandma is going to spoil your kids or teach them something you won’t approve of, discuss it with her beforehand. But think about it – you turned out pretty well, didn’t you? It’s only 2 weeks. Give grandma a break. You might be surprised.

They Learn To Adapt

Kids need to learn that you aren’t the only authority figure in their life, they need to respect other adults, too. They also need to learn that different situations have different sets of rules. So what if your mom is stricter than you, or more lenient than you? That doesn’t mean she’s any less lovable than you are. And remember – you survived the experience. Your kids probably will, too.

You Get A Break

This, believe it or not, was the hardest thing for me to adapt to. For the first week I couldn’t get into my car without opening the back door first and reaching for the car seat. But trust me – you get used to it. And you and your spouse have some time to yourselves where you don’t have to worry about sitters or clocks.

What if grandma objects? She just might. Some grandmas don’t feel their up to the task or they wonder what they’re going to do to entertain the kids for 2 weeks. Remind her that you turned out perfectly fine so she must know what she’s doing. And she didn’t have to entertain you 24 hours a day, did she?

What if your kids object.  Tough.  They’ll thank you when they’re older and they have a great relationship with their grandma.  They also just might learn a thing or two from her now.  Like good table manners or how to go to bed without a fight.

Make sure your kids know that they’re going to grandma’s house and they have to follow grandma’s rules. And make sure grandma knows it’s OK to discipline your kids when necessary. And don’t worry – the first time is rough for everybody. But the next time summer rolls around, your kids – and grandma – will have the date marked on the calendar before you do!

This is a guest post. Donna Anderson is a freelance writer who enjoys small-town living in rural Kentucky. She’s an active member of several online communities and enjoys taking part in discussions that focus on how real people can live real lives in this fast-paced world we all live in.


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