3 Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Learning Odyssey

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Kids StudyingThe toddler phase of a child’s life is a very important stage, and you need to help them learn all that they can. New skills and experiences aren’t solely taught in early childhood education programs.

You can help them in a variety of settings whether you’re at home, at the store or playing outside. The knowledge and experience that you instill in them now can help them as they grow and develop.

1. Encourage Learning at Home

There are a variety of ways that you can teach your child in a home setting. Toddlers are very adept at picking up certain skills by watching what’s going on around them. If you’re doing ordinary chores or projects, you can enlist their help.

Baking a cake for dessert can become an interesting experience when you ask them to pitch in by cracking an egg in the bowl or teaching them how to incorporate the wet and dry ingredients together through mixing. Toddlers are typically inquisitive and may ask a number of questions that go along with the task.

Other jobs they can help with include placing the laundry in the washer or dryer and helping to empty or load the dishwasher. There are toys, like those from the babyeinstein line, that are made specifically for children that help them learn by incorporating real world objects into toys.

2. Outdoor Excursions

Outdoor activities can also promote learning and open a world of experience for your child. Taking them for a hike in the woods can teach them about nature. You can help by pointing out certain objects such as a squirrel, deer, leaves, grass and trees.

You can make the activity a scenic adventure by tooling around on your bicycle. Games such as baseball, soccer and golf can also be learning experiences when you get them their own mini set of sporting gear. Parents can also include their toddlers in special outdoor projects such as gardening and planting flowers.

3. Tools for Learning

In addition to home interaction, your child can be taught a new set of skills with learning tools set for their own age level. Baby Einstein is a multimedia product line that encourages interactive learning for children ages three months to 3 years old. Several subjects included in this learning process include art, poetry and classical music.

Baby Beethoven Discovery Kit takes your child on a musical adventure through the soothing works of Beethoven’s music. The Animals Around Me Discovery Kit is a fun-filled way to learn about various animals found at a farm, park or in your own backyard.

If you’re looking to unleash your child into the world of music, there are also musical instrument toys such as a Discover and Play Piano or Discovery Drum Set. For parents looking to ready your child for early development schooling, there are a host of toys that help them learn about colors, words and sounds.

Learning is important to the mental, physical and emotional development of your toddler. Parents can provide a world of opportunities for their child the moment they enter the world through interactive tools, listening and practicing.

Nadine Swayne understands the importance of early childhood learning and offers this article to parents.  Developing your child’s learning process early incorporates self-confidence and mental strength into your child’s education odyssey.  Using specialized toys, like products from the babyeinstein line, can enrich their mental development into a future of great education.


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