4 Cheap Ways to Throwing A Top Kids Party

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Let’s face it, arranging a great party for your kids isn’t the easiest of tasks. If you’re a busy cash strapped parent, then finding the time and the money to throw a memorable party can seem rather daunting. The great news is you can pull it off. With a little effort and creativity you can produce a party that will rock the kids’ socks off, and still have a tidy bank balance at the end of it. So, let’s look at a few things you can do.

Setting a party theme

What’s more exciting? Having a party where every child turns up in their usual clothing, or having a party where all the kids have to come in fancy dress? Thought so! Setting a theme for your kids’ party can be great for creating a fun atmosphere. Don’t just set the theme yourself though; ask your kids what they’d like to do. The theme could be anything, from dressing up as sea dwelling pirates to dressing up as fairies or pixies. Chances are your kids will give you plenty of great ideas when you talk to them.

Buying the decorations

Whatever theme is set; there are always decorations to match. You could even be creative yourself if you have the time and create your own decorations. It won’t take much to completely transform your home into a themed wonderland. A few paper and card props, maybe an ornament or two, and then voila, you have the theme set and ready to impress the kids.

Picking great games

Ok, so you’ve got your theme well and truly sorted. The walls are decorated, the costumes are sorted, and now you need to find some entertainment that will put a smile on their faces. Well, party games aren’t exactly in short supply. There are thousands of games out there, and a quick hunt on the internet will bring up plenty of great ideas. It’s even better if you can find a game or two that goes with your party theme. For example, if you had a pirate theme, why not organise a little treasure hunt and hide some prizes around your house. With a little bit of thinking, you’ll keep the party alive.

Give out themed party bags

A party isn’t a party without the classic party bag. So why not give the kids something to take home and remember. You can pick up a whole host of party bag fillers online nowadays for next to nothing. From pirate eye patches to fairy wands, whatever theme you’ve chosen, there will be a party bag filler to match.

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve got your kids birthday coming up then why not give yourself a head start and begin planning the party theme today. Themed parties are a great way to save some cash and still throw a killer party. Give it a go and see how much the kids love it!

This is  guest post.  Stuart Withers is a freelance writer who’s had to help organise several parties for his nephew. He always throws themed parties as they always go down a treat. He recommends Love The Little Things to pick up awesome decorations and party bag fillers. Pop on over to their website and see if they’ve got the answers for your themed party.

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