4 Different Ways To Show Affection To The People In Your Life

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couple-piggyback-rideLife is short, and because of this, it’s very important that we let those we care about know how we feel.

Some people make the mistake in thinking that showing affection means verbalizing it, and some people find it difficult to put their feelings into words. But there are different ways to show affection, so no matter what type of person you are, you can show others that you care.

1. Verbalize it.

The first way to show affection is to use your words. Let people in your life know exactly how you feel about them by telling them to their face. Let them know how much you care about them, how much you love them or even how your life would not be the same without them.

Showing affection through verbalization is one of the most beneficial ways to show someone exactly how much you care.

2. Write it down.

If sharing your feelings verbally is not something that is easy for you to do, you can always let someone know how you feel by writing it down. You can send a letter, send a card, or even send an email to show your affection.

Even with the onslaught of technology, using text messages or social media can be another great way to show someone exactly how you feel without having to do it in person. Plus, when you write your affections down, it allows the recipient to keep it for the rest of their life and remember exactly what you said.

3. Show it.

Showing affection is something that can also let people know how you feel. Kiss those you love, give them hugs and even do nice things for them out of the kindness of your own heart.

Help those you love with projects or tasks, be courteous to others with their feelings, and even be chivalrous and show respect. If you can’t verbalize what you feel or write it down, use the power of gestures to let them know you appreciate them.

4. Give gifts.

Some people are better at showing their affection through the use of gifts. You can either show someone how much you care about them by making something homemade or by purchasing something for them that they will appreciate and that shows how much you care.

Some people think that the more money you spend is equivalent to how much you care, but remember that it’s always the amount of thought put into a gift and not how much money was spent on it.

So before you buy the expensive jewelry item or the new car to show appreciation, think about the recipient and if there’s something that they would truly want, and use that as your gesture of affection.

There are different ways to show affection to someone. You can always use your words and simply tell them, or you can use your words in a different way and write it down for them.

If words are not your strong suit, you can always show affection by physical gestures such as hugs or simply showing respect, or you can always opt to give gifts. Any of these four ways will certainly make someone happy.

Julie Myers is the mother of four and an avid blogger.  She enjoys writing about family activities and how to show affection toward family members & friends.

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