4 Most Unlikely Things That Could Destroy Your Home

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lightningThere are a massive number of events that could hit your home and destroy it in just a few seconds.

When these disasters strike, you probably do not know if you will be covered by your insurance policy.

In fact, some extraordinary threats are not typically included in most insurance.

By definition, an unlikely occurrence is something that may never happen. However, “unlikely” does not exactly mean “never.” With that in mind, here are four of the least likely events that could hit your house.

A Terrifying Poltergeist Haunts and Attacks Your Home

One night, you are watching TV when suddenly the bottle of water you just drank from rose from the coffee table then drops to the floor. That is just the beginning. Expect the poltergeist to start throwing things at you and eventually destroy your home like it owns the place.

At this level, this wicked ghost is at its maximum energy point, which experts view as dangerous. They are vicious and violent, which they will show you whenever they can – until they ruin your house and disappear, forever. It is best to keep the number for Ghostbusters on the fridge, just in case.

An Asteroid Hits Your Home Directly

Just this year, an asteroid of about 17 metres in diameter hit a small town in Russia, which ruined huge buildings and injured hundreds. An asteroid of up to 50 metres in size has a probability of 0.2% to reach Earth once in every five years.

Tonight, the probability that a meteor will hit your home is 1 in 182,138,880,000,000. Highly unlikely, but notice the probability isn’t exactly 0%

Zombies Pay Your Home a Visit

They say zombies are simply a work of fiction, but who knows? The thousands of people drawing up their own plans for the zombie apocalypse can’t be wrong. Once this terrifying act of nature hits, there is nothing left to do but run and hide.

After the zombies are done crashing your place, come out of your very secret hiding place, take the boards off your windows and then maybe think about changing neighbourhoods.

Aliens Invade Your Neighbourhood

If the aliens arrive in your neighbourhood, there is a huge chance they would want to take over and destroy your home.

Aliens are an ever-present hazard to mankind (according to Hollywood movies) so it is best to have a few essentials ready if you should find yourself defending your home.

These include your intergalactic translator, your Aliens for Dummies guidebook, and a sturdy doorframe.

Above are four improbable things, but they could easily leave your home in ruins should they occur on a freak chance. However, there are plenty of things that could happen to a house that aren’t anywhere near as unlikely.

You may want to check your insurance coverage today to make sure of what you are covered for – because you never know when these things, or maybe even some more likely occurences such as freak weather conditions or even structural damage from age, might happen unexpectedly.

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