4 Quick Tips To Put The Garden Back In Your Party

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4 Quick Tips To Put The Garden Back In Your Party,sangria,summer cocktails,backyard barbecue

4 Quick Tips To Put The Garden Back In Your Party - Image source: Wikimedia

If your garden party feels like just another backyard barbecue it might be because you’re forgotten to include the garden. There’s a difference between a friendly neighborhood cookout and a fun, fragrant garden party. One has lots of beer and messy barbecue sauce. The other has, well, touches from the garden. Here are 4 tips to help put the garden back in your garden party.

Get rid of the keg

Forget about the beer and stock up on fresh berries, peaches, watermelon and other assorted fruits. Serve cocktails like Strawberry Margaritas or Peach Bellinis instead of the same boring beer. And a big pitcher of fruity Sangria beats a bland bottle of wine any day. If kids are invited, make a big pitcher of raspberry iced tea.

Showcase your garden

Use flowers from your own garden to create a row of small centerpieces in the center of your table. Fill a basket with fresh tomatoes and peppers for a bold splash of color. Carve out peppers and small squash to make condiment cups and scatter them around with some of your fresh vegetables for dipping.

Share your success

Pick up a package of 2-inch clay pots and send each of your guests home with a seedling from your own garden. Tie pretty ribbons around the pots for an extra splash of color. For kids, include a picture of what the mature plant will look like to give them something to look forward to.

Turn up the volume

Backyard barbecues are notorious for raucous behavior and loud rock or country music. Give your garden party a beat, too. After all, everyone likes a little toe-tapping-fun. Choose wisely, though. If this is a meeting of the Ladies Gardening Society they might prefer something a little calmer playing in the background.

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