4 Safe and Fun Activities for your Children

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No parent is a stranger to a child milking a scrapped knee – snotty screams and all. The reason this is a global phenomenon is that no parent can help but be overprotective of their young, children can sense they you are worried about their safety and so worry about it themselves (that and they crave your attention). Fearing your child may get injured is perfectly natural, in fact if you were not to worry people may doubt your suitability as a parent. So if you’re a worrisome parent here is a list of fun, safe activities your children can do with minimum supervision.

Playgrounds: Modern playgrounds are designed to offer parents maximum piece of mind. These days playgrounds are enclosed – preventing children from straying from your field of vision and allowing you to sit and relax while they create a frucas. Furthermore, the floors are coated with tar mac or rubber tiles – meaning that whilst an unfortunate trip or fall will still bring on tears, a serious injury is unlikely.  With these two additions there is no reason not to indulge in the occasional outdoor play area – after you turned out alright.

Board games: I can’t begin to describe how many fond board-game memories I have – both from my childhood and adulthood. Classic games like monopoly, cluedo, hungry hippos and mousetrap can entertain your kids for hours on end and the only associated danger is the swallowing of pieces, so as long as you make monitor there mouths closely you can sit back and watch your make up the rules of monopoly.

Hide and Seek: What could be less threatening than a game in which your child lies silently in the fetal position? Furthermore, a game in which your child gets to think he or she has got one over you with their brilliant and unique idea of hiding behind the curtains couldn’t be much more thrilling to your offspring.

Arts and Crafts: Not only is letting your child draw his own bat-mobile and showing it off on the fridge a great way to encourage your child’s creativity and make him feel valued it is also a great fun and time-consuming activity. Again the only thing needed on your part is to watch what goes in their mouth and place well timed and over-exaggerated noises of awe. You could even help to develop a talent that your child chooses to pursue for the rest of his life – leaving you with a lasting feeling of parental smugness.

This is a guest post.  This article was written by Jacob Catt on behalf of Smith Brothers UK – suppliers of child safe rubber tiles that are perfect for ensuring child safety either at home or in a communal area.

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