4 Tips to Survive the Chaos of Unpacking

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If you and your family have just determined that you will be transitioning to a new life in another home, city or state, whether by choice or for a new job, you have a lot to consider as you plan to pick up and leave. From the extensive list of packing supplies to moving and storage considerations, picking up an entire household can tend to feel chaotic at first. However, with a little bit of organization, families can make the transition seamlessly to a new life and home.

Here are four tips for reducing chaos of picking up your household and making the change to a new location.

1. Start early.

The majority of people have more personal belongings than they initially realize when they first start packing. Start by picking up packing supplies early. This will ensure that you have enough boxes, tape, markers and more to pack everything securely and efficiently. Also, notify businesses, such as the post office, bank, doctor and utility companies as far in advance as possible to give them ample time to process your paperwork and get you settled in the system before you leave.

2. Become a list maker.

Making lists for each room of the house and for the move overall can help you save money and time. For affordable moving and storage, plan as best as possible so that you do not overspend on areas you do not need and do not underspend, costing you more money in the long term. Instead, use lists to your advantage to keep organized and keep your wallet in check.

3. Manage time well.

As you begin, try to get as much done early on as possible. This will help you to manage time better and feel much less chaotic as moving day approaches. The more you can get done in advance, the less you will have to do closer to your actual move. This will give you more time to spend with family and friends before you leave, and making those trips to your favorite establishments to say goodbye.

4. Delegate to family members.

Assign specific tasks to family members so that you are not the only person taking on each task. Have your spouse help find self storage solutions while you contact the businesses and notify of the move. Storage pods can be a great storage option as they allow you to keep your items on site or safely stored at a facility. By making it a team effort, getting everything marked off your to-do list can feel easier and create far less stress for everyone in the long run.

Eliminate the chaos that can be caused by transitioning from one home to another with these easy tips. By starting early, managing your time well and delegating tasks, you can make your next move a carefree experience.

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