4 Ways to Keep Rats Away From Your Home

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One of the banes of our existence is the rat. It is a disgusting scavenger that hangs out in garbage bins and gets into your house. While inside your home, it scurries around looking for other things to eat; and as the rat does so, it also spreads germs and other dangerous microorganisms, like those that cause leptospirosis, lassa fever, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, as well as the hantavirus. Not only do rodents carry and spread disease-causing organisms, but these creatures also destroy property and other prized possessions. With their powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth, plus their pointed claws, rats can chew or get through walls, munch on floorboards, eat clothing, documents, rubber pipes, wires, and many other items. When ignored, a rodent infestation can cause expensive and expansive damage to property. Therefore, it’s really a must to address a rodent problem once it is noticed.

You can try several ways to get rid of rodents living in your property. Here are some methods that you can use.

1. Make the most out of rat traps. There are so many kinds of traps; and one of the most popular and easy-to-use is the snap trap. When using traps, put some bait first, like a piece of fruit, peanut butter, or oily foods, such as bacon. Then, place the trap in areas where you always see rats around. Make sure that the trap is firm and properly attached to the ground so that big rats won’t be able to drag it away.

2. To discourage rats from living inside your home, get rid of things or places that draw them. For instance, they like to scurry underneath piles of wood, boxes or paper. They can also hang out in bushy areas or under rocks. Their favorite place is the garbage bin. They just like to crawl around in all that junk.

So, keep your firewood in a separate shed, preferably somewhere that’s far from your main house. It’s also a good idea to place trash bins away and to keep them securely covered. Trim bushes and maintain vegetation and lawn grass too. Rats can also reside inside sofas, mattresses, and other furniture that have been placed in storage. These creatures can also dwell inside cabinets or crawl spaces, cupboards or counters, and even inside cars and appliances.

3. Clean your place on a regular basis. The cleaner your home is, the less attractive it is to rodents. Always clean up after eating or preparing food. Make sure to wipe spills or sweep away food crumbs as soon as possible. Then, spray your place with odors that rats don’t like. Rodents are particularly repulsed when they get a whiff of peppermint, orange or citrus scents, cayenne, black pepper, cinnamon, as well as floral scents like hyacinth, allium and daffodils.

4. Try using rodenticides, but make sure that the stuff you use are EPA-approved. Before using highly toxic substances, always read the instructions first so that you’ll know the right way to apply or use such products. Keep rodenticides in tightly sealed and water-resistant containers, and make sure that these are out of children’s or pets’ reach.


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