40 Fun Indoor Games for Kids

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Whether it’s a rainy day or a snowy day outside being stuck inside is no fun for kids.  You can save the day with fun indoor games for kids that will brighten their moods.  Here is a list of fifty old and new fun games that you can play with kids of all ages.

  • Hide and Seek – have one child close his or her eyes and count to ten while the other children hide.  After reaching ten, they will then search for kids who are hiding.  The first person to be found now has to count and fun starts all over again!
  • Red Light, Green Light – have one child on one end of the room (the controller) and the others at the other end of the room.  The one child will call out green light (which means the other children will try to reach him or her) or red light (which means everyone has to stop).  The first child to reach the controller wins.
  • Scavenger Hunt – hide five to ten items in your home while the children keep their eyes closed.  Once you are finished the hunt begins.  The child to find the most items wins.
  • Elastic Bands – each child is given a set number of elastic bands.  They must then take turns tossing one elastic band at a time about a foot in front of them.  The child whose elastic band lands another elastic band gets to keep both.  When a child has no more plastic bands they are out of the game.

  • Shadow Animals – shine a bright light against a wall and have the kids try to make animals with their shadows. They can use their bodies or their fingers.
  • Head Balance – use paper or Styrofoam plates to have kids balance objects like bottle caps on their heads.
  • Constellation Connection – print out different constellations on plain white paper and then have your kids use markers to connect the stars and find the constellations.  For added fun you can tell the stories of each constellation.
  • Foot Volleyball – use a string of yarn or jump rope to create a line.  Have one team on either side of the string and use a balloon as a ball.
  • Twister – this fun game can be created using an old sheet or the actual game.  Make a spinner using a paper plate, a cut-out arrow and a two leg pin.  Spin the arrow to see which body part goes on which color.
  • Pillow Fight – this is self explanatory.  It is great exercise and tons of fun.

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