5 Reasons You Should Start A Family Blog

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5 Reasons You Should Start A Family Blog

5 Reasons You Should Start A Family Blog - image via Wikimedia

Summer is the perfect time to start a family blog. You have a little free time to learn how it works and you have plenty of activities to blog about. If you’ve never thought about it, then here are 5 good reasons you should start a family blog today:

An online gathering place for family and friends – The best reason to start a family blog is that it opens up so many possibilities for communicating with family and friends all over the world. Your kids can scan in pictures of their artwork and grandma, half a world away, can download it and put it up on her refrigerator.

You can tell everyone about your great vacation – and they can use the comments to tell you about theirs. You can post pictures and they can, too. You can share recipes, or craft tips or just let everyone know how the new puppies are doing.

Email is boring because there’s no color and no pictures and everyone’s afraid to click a link. But with a family blog, each member of your family, even the kids and grandma, will have a lot of fun because it’s a personal site, controlled by someone they trust.

Encourages young writers – Is one of your children a story teller? Do they like to write their own short stories? Get that kid a blog NOW! Tavy Gevinson’s blog, StyleRookie.com, is just one of hundreds of examples of kids who started blogging when they were young and ended up with thousands of followers. Some have even made millions of dollars with their blogs – before they even graduated from high school!

It’s educational – Even young children can enjoy blogging and they’ll be learning new skills while they’re at it. They’ll learn how to find their way around a keyboard, how to upload pictures, and even a little bit about how the Internet works. They’ll also be learning how to use the written word to communicate more effectively.

It’s free – There are plenty of free blogging platforms on the Internet. Blogger.com is probably one of the easiest to use for beginners and it’s robust enough to handle thousands of visitors a day.

It’s private – Facebook is constantly changing their privacy settings and if you don’t keep up it’s hard telling who’s going to see your messages. They could be half way around the world in an instant. With some blogging platforms you can adjust privacy setting so only those people you grant permission will have access. And even if you don’t – the only people who’ll trip over your blog are those who are actually looking for it.

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