5 Signs Of A Compulsive Hoarder

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trash dumped in front of an apartment building.Most people have probably seen one of those television shows about compulsive hoarding.

These are the people who stockpile all sorts of objects that have absolutely no use or purpose, as a way to deal with some past emotional trauma.

And while it might make for entertaining watching the junk removal people argue with the homeowners, it is not a situation you would ever want to be in.

Here are 5 signs of a compulsive hoarder to watch for.  Make sure you seek out some form of help if you know anyone with these tendencies.

1.  Unusable Parts of Home

One of the things that is evident with many hoarders is entire portions of their home that are essentially unusable.

Quite often, furniture and other ‘fixed’ items in the rooms will be moved toward the middle, while all the hoarded materials start to take up the space around the walls.

As the hoarding behaviour continues, more and more of the home becomes unusable for regular living.

You will also notice that if you do try to arrange for rubbish removal, the hoarder is largely unwilling to give up most items and may even become combative during the process.

2.  No Organization

Most of us have seen a pack rat type who seems to have a lot of stuff, but can tell you where every item is and even have it documented somewhere.  This is not the case with a compulsive hoarder.

The clutter will be strewn however it is strewn, and there won’t be any real organization to the mess.  You may hear otherwise, but spending just a couple minutes in the home will prove that he or she has no system whatsoever.

3.  Items Have No Real Value

One big sign of a compulsive hoarder is keeping things that have absolutely no value.  These may include junk mail, old newspapers, broken appliances or clothing from years ago.

The hoarder will always have a reason why they should be kept and be able to justify it in their mind, but it is apparent to anyone watching that these items have no use at all.  It can be a huge challenge convincing a hoarder that allowing a junk removal service in is the best thing to do.

4.  Home Is Unsanitary

It stands to reason that after a period of time, the home of a compulsive hoarder will become an unsanitary place.  It will take longer for some and shorter for others, but it will happen sooner or later.

With so much around and no rubbish removal taking place, mold is going to form and the mess will attract mice and rats or other rodents and insects.

5.  Social Isolation

Naturally, anyone who lives life as a hoarder is not having people over very often, and social isolation is usually the result.

Most of the time, a hoarder is not proud of their behaviour and they will have the tendency to hide themselves away to a certain degree, so no one knows the truth.

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