5 Ways to Prep Your Home For Holiday Guests

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Ah, the holidays. We all look forward to them all year long. Christmas trees, lights, decorations, and presents. Taking the children to see Santa. Singing carols, volunteering, holiday music. Enjoying your New Years’ countdown and kiss with that special someone. It even seems like people tend to be a bit nicer during the holiday season… as long as you don’t cut in front of them in line at Target.

One thing you may also be looking forward to is for family or friends to come stay with you for the holidays. Or you may have these holiday guests coming, but this may not fill you with feelings of excitement and joy. Whether you have been looking forward to your holiday guests coming into town since the beginning of the year, or you feel holiday guests are just something to be endured, one thing is for sure: if you have guests coming to stay for the holidays, you better start preparing your home.

For a little help with starting your checklist, here are 5 ways to prep your home for holiday guests:

1. Get the Guest Room Ready

How many of us have done this? You spend days prepping your home for your holiday guests. And when they arrive and it’s time for bed, you realize you forgot the most important thing: getting the guest room ready! So, start with this step this year. Wash the sheets on your guest bed (or get the sofa made up), make sure there is shampoo, soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, and clean towels in the guest bathroom. Open up some space in the guest closet for their clothes.

The guest room is where your guests will be spending their time sleeping and resting. No matter what else you forget to do, your guests will really be happy as long as they have somewhere comfortable and clean to sleep.

2. Stock the Pantry

Remember how I just said that your guests will be happy as long as they have a comfortable place to sleep? Scratch that. Your guests will be happy as long as they have a comfy place to sleep… AND enough food to eat. Don’t be the house that people don’t want to stay at because there is never enough food to eat.

Before your guests come, stock your pantry and fridge with enough food so that your guests will feel full and fulfilled while they are staying with you. If you want to take it one step further, stock it with your guests’ favorite foods and treats.

3. Put Up the Decorations

If you really want your guests to feel at home while they are staying with you, put up your holiday decorations! Remember they are leaving their own home and comforts behind. If they arrive at your house with the Christmas tree, lights, and decorations all up, this will make them miss their home less. They will be able to feel in the holiday mood, and will add extra cheer to your house.

4. Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Who knows what kind of wear and tear you’ve seen on your carpets over the past year? There may be many stains, spots, and grime in your carpet that you may not notice on a day-to-day basis. But when you have guests staying with you? You will immediately notice every speck of dirt and small spot that is in your carpet. So, have your carpets professionally cleaned before your guests arrive. Not only will this help you feel like your house is truly clean, but it will also help to erase any odors that have been trapped in there from the past year of cooking and living you’ve been doing.

5. Find a Quiet Spot

It’s not just your home that needs prepping for your holiday guests… it is also your mind! When you’re used to it only being you and your family in your home, the addition of holiday guests can immediately make your home feel a bit cramped. You may find yourself needing a minute or two to yourself every once in awhile. So, before your guests arrive, prepare a spot that you can retreat to if you ever need to take a breather. This will help you stay stress-free, so you can be a happy and inviting host to your guests.

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