7 Amazing Gender Reveal Ideas

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Pregnancy is a fantastically exciting time, especially when you get to find out if your new bundle will be a boy or a girl. Since getting the news from an ultrasound tech while your tummy is covered in goo is not many women’s idea of an ideal moment, many are now turning to gender reveal parties to share the moment with friends, family, and loved ones. If you want to make the moment as special as possible, ask the ultrasound tech to write the sex on paper and seal it in an envelope. You can then pass it on to a baker, store clerk, balloon merchant, or others to have the surprise readied without your knowing the gender until the perfect time. Here are 7 amazing ways to reveal the gender of your baby in memory-making fashion:

  1. Colored Cupcakes – Everyone loves a tasty cupcake. Have your favorite bakery prepare cupcakes with hidden blue or pink centers as part of your party refreshments. Save the surprise for the end of the evening so all guests can bite into a cupcake the same time you do.
  2. Balloon Surprise – Have a party supply store fill a box full of blue or pink helium balloons and seal it closed. At the end of the party, open the box to let the secret fly free. Alternatively, you can have a solid black balloon filled with pink or blue confetti. Pop the balloon over your head and allow the surprise to snow down around you.
  3. Outfit of Choice – Hand the paper with your secret to a clerk at a baby clothing sore. Allow her to choose an appropriate outfit and wrap it out of your sight. At the party, open the gift and show the secret-revealing outfit to the world.
  4. Pinata Party – Have your party supply store to fill a piñata with appropriately colored candies and treats. Let guests join you in bursting open the surprise.
  5. Choose Teams – Have guests to commit to team pink or team blue when they arrive at the party. Keep a scoreboard of votes. After the reveal, award the winning team with small gifts or special treats.
  6. Luck of the Draw – If you do not have to be the first to know, consider using small items like cake pops as part of the reveal. Leave all plain white except one in the appropriate color. Have everyone bite in at once and watch the fun as one lucky guest finds the surprise.
  7. Flower Power – Provide a florist with your secret paper and ask him to deliver a bouquet of solid blue or pink flowers during the reveal party. For even more fun, give the flowers away as a door prize.

Test out some of these ideas when you decide to reveal your big secret, and your family will soon share in your joy.

This is a guest post.  Donna Moody is one of the pregnancy advisers for YouMayBeNext.com. She uses her experiences as a mother, teacher, and woman to help others get through their pregnancy successfully.


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