A Checklist For Sending Your Kids Back To School

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back_to_schoolNo sooner do the kids get a holiday or half-term break, than they’re straight back at school again! A new term is often a chance to stock up on new school clothes, shoes and equipment.

There is a lot to think about for that first Monday back, so to take the hassle out of your pre-school Sunday night we’ve provided a checklist of everything your child will need.


Ensuring their child looks smart and presentable for school is often a parent’s first priority. Wearing the same selection of clothing every day means that uniforms can wear out quickly, so it’s important to look for trousers, skirts, shirts and jumpers which are high quality and long-lasting.

Supermarkets can be convenient for picking up a uniform, as you can grab the basics whilst doing your weekly grocery shop. However, lower-cost pieces do not so easily stand the test of time, so you may wish to look elsewhere for such an important school essential.

Department stores often have a greater range of uniform choices and are made of higher quality fabrics than cheaper offerings. John Lewis for example, has a wide range of uniform options for all seasons and activities. There is also the choice of shopping for a uniform by school, so you know exactly what to look for.


Buying a new schoolbag is often exciting for a child and a good way of motivating them for going back to school after the holidays. Many kids will want a bag which follows the latest trend, though these options are not always the most practical.

Large shopper-style bags and those with long shoulder straps may be fashionable, but can cause backache and are not always roomy enough for school supplies. A rucksack is a better option, as the weight is evenly distributed on your child’s shoulders.


School tools like notebooks, pencil cases and stationery can be fun for children to buy and can help to make doing schoolwork (and homework!) more enjoyable. Check that coloured pens are allowed in your child’s school before splashing out on an expensive set – some teachers prefer kids to write in blue or black ink only.

An HB pencil is vital for maths work, as well as design and art-based subjects. Buy a pencil set which includes softer-leaded pieces which are ideal for sketching. Children can get through notebooks quickly, so your best bet may be to buy a set of inexpensive lined books.

If your child wants to personalise their set, you could encourage them to get creative and cover their notebooks with wrapping paper or photos.


A new season back at school means having to buy new shoes for your child. Shoes should be durable, comfortable, water resistant and breathable. Most schools ask children to wear black shoes, so stick to this and look for a smart pair which will withstand your child’s daily school activities.

Boy’s geox shoes are a great option as they feature breathable perforated rubber soles, which will keep your child’s feet cool during the hot summer months.

For girls, give heels a miss as these can be damaging to growing feet and will get uncomfortable after a long day at school. Go for flat black lace-ups, or slip-ons for little ones.

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Ariana has three young children of varying ages and finds the start of a new term to be particularly challenging when it comes to organisation. 


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