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child_with_balloonsThere are many fun party ideas for kids, but some are more unforgettable than others. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, unbeatable, and unique party idea for your kids, check out a jumping castle. Out of all the choices available for parties, kids will always consider these “bouncing playgrounds” the perfect addition to make a party extra special.

What is a jumping castle?
A jumping castle is otherwise known around the world as bouncy castles, inflatable castles, bounce houses, moonwalks or bouncers, to name a few. These inflatable bounce playgrounds are incredibly popular.

Many parents consider them to be essential to kids parties and other get togethers where kids are included. These amazing “bouncy castles” are constructed of a strong PVC or vinyl material and usually inflated with an electric blower.

What types are available?
There are many types of bounce houses available to suit every size and age. Now there are not only castle shapes, but also many other shapes including dragons, cartoon and movie characters, rainbow, animals, etc.

Variations have also been added onto the original basic design creating many activities and experiences. Some of these impressive variations are bounce boxing, cool obstacle courses, tunnels, climbing walls, inflatable slides, bounce/slide combinations, and many others.

Responsibilities of parents or other supervising adults:
– Always make sure that kids of the same age and size bounce together.
– Limit the number of children bouncing at one time to the instructions on the inflatable.
– Watch the weather conditions for wet or very windy conditions.
– Always follow all instructions on the operating manual or given by the company you hire.
– Many bouncy castle rentals are for 12 and under, or have a height restriction. Make sure to follow the restrictions and instructions exactly for all inflatables.

Are inflatables safe?
Safety is always a concern at any gathering or party, especially when kids are involved. The nature of these inflatables is such that they provide a protective cushion for jumping and activities where kids may fall or otherwise bump into the sides. Since 2006 all inflatables are built in accordance with the higher European Standard, which ensures that everyone using a bouncy house is as safe as possible.

For entertainment purposes a bouncy house simply cannot be beat.

Just ask kids how much they love playing on inflatables. They will tell you how excited they get whenever they see one. There is nothing else that can compare with a bouncy house to make a kids party unforgettable and incredible.

Social events become extraordinary when they are included simply because they are so fun to bounce and play on! They are a big hit at any type of celebration, family gathering, or other parties where kids are present and need entertaining for a length of time.

To sum things up, inflatables are without a doubt one of the most fun and popular choices for entertainment for all ages of children. Liven up your party with a jumping castle and create a party everyone will remember.

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