Best Summer Jobs For Teenagers: Find ‘Em On Fiverr

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Best Summer Jobs For Teenagers: Find 'Em On Fiverr

Can’t get your teen away from his computer long enough to find a job? Send him to and let him use some of those computer skills to good use – making money. is a website where people sell services for only $5. Now, as a parent, I can see where that statement might sound a little scary to you. However, stay with me a minute and I’ll explain how your teenager fits into this picture.

Fiverr is a professional, business-oriented website. It launched in 2009 and the founders recently received $15 million in investment capital. So you know it’s a reputable site.

Anybody can open a selling account on Fiverr, set up a gig, and sell whatever they want. It’s an ideal opportunity for your teen to pick up a few bucks this summer and learn a little about marketing and sales while he’s at it.

People come to Fiverr to sell just about anything you can imagine. For example, a few months ago a pre-teen girl came onto the site to sell just plain, old, ordinary crayon drawings. Nothing fancy. Just the typical drawings you see hanging on refrigerators all over the world. She wanted to raise money to buy a new computer system for her autistic brother’s schoolroom. And in just a few short weeks she raised more than enough.

People come to Fiverr to buy things for two reasons. Some are looking for business solutions – someone to design a logo, someone to write an article, or someone to create a short, promotional video. If you teen has a talent for graphic design, writing, or he’s skilled at making videos, there’s someone out there ready to pay him five bucks.

Other people come to Fiverr looking for entertainment or gifts. You’ve probably heard the stories about the girl who makes $5 for pretending to be your girlfriend on Facebook. Or they guy who’ll write your love message in the sand.

There are hundreds of sellers who make jewelry, little stuffed animals, greeting cards, candy, soap, dog clothes, hamster clothes – you name it, they sell it. If your child is into any type of arts and crafts there’s a market for his products on Fiverr.

If your teenager is looking for a summer job he won’t even have to leave home to find it. And even your young children can post a gig and make money, too. Log on to and explore the site a little to get some ideas. Your kids could be using their computers to make money this summer, instead of lounging around playing video games.

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