Breastfeeding: Enhanced Health for Mother and Baby

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The birth of a child is one of the greatest gifts in a parent’s life. Trying to do right by your baby is at the forefront of every new mother’s mind, and ensuring that you can give them the best should start with their nourishment.

Breastfeeding is beneficial to your child’s health and wellness, and it has a host of essential attributes that are necessary for the recuperating mother. It also promotes a strong bond between mother and child that can last a lifetime.


Breast milk formed during pregnancy is referred to as liquid gold because of its high levels of antibodies and nutrients. The colostrum changes as your baby grows and develops and can change into mature milk. The milk is thinner in appearance and contains the ideal amount of fat, protein, sugar and water to help your infant’s nutritional support.

Easy to Digest

Formula can often be hard on an infant’s tummy and cause gas and other stomach issues. Breast milk is easy for a baby to digest and many new moms can feel secure knowing that the milk they are receiving from your breast is additive-free and easy on their digestive system.

Fights Diseases

The nutrients, antibodies, cells and hormones in breast milk can aid in protecting your infant from a variety of illnesses and diseases. Formula-fed infants are more prone to earaches, diarrhea, constipation, asthma, diabetes, leukemia and obesity.

Breast-fed infants also have a stronger immune system and have a better responsive rate to childhood vaccinations. Children who have been introduced to breast milk have also been shown to have a higher IQ rate than those who have been fed on formula.

Simplify Life for Mom

Mothers can gain just as many benefits from breast-feeding as their infants. It may take them a little longer to get used to, but you’ll enjoy a more established routine when breastfeeding your child.

Being able to satiate your child immediately without having to warm up a bottle and sterilize nipples can alleviate a hungry infant. Getting your child to feed properly can be difficult at first, but you’ll find the proper equipment and support to be both beneficial.

A nursing pillow can help teach your child the proper positioning technique because it provides them with the right support. It also provides comfort to the mother.

The nursing pillow also has a host of other benefits such as support for your child as they grow. It teaches them how to strengthen their core muscles and prevents them from teetering on their face.

Preventable Health Issues

Nursing mothers can also experience additional health benefits because of their nursing. Serious health conditions such as ovarian cancer, diabetes, breast cancer and postpartum depression have known to be significantly lower in women who breast-fed their children.

It was also suggested that it helped women shed unwanted pounds that they’ve gained during pregnancy, but research hasn’t yet proven that theory.

The experience of breastfeeding your infant is one that you’ll remember forever. It can also provide you with a host of benefits from essential nutrients and disease fighting boosters to stress-reducers and a better bonding experience.

As a mother to 4 children, all who were nursed as infants, Lisa Coleman understands and shares the value and benefits that come with nursing our precious bundles. The Mombo nursing pillow comes in many varieties of colors and shapes, and is made with different materials and slip covers that help support a breastfeeding mother during this special time of comfort and bonding with her baby.


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