Can a Working Mother Have it All?

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Can a working mother with so many responsibilities really have it all, and get the most out of her many roles in life?

This is a question I ponder on a daily basis and the craziness of summer has really had me questioning my decision to be a working mom.  With a 14 month old daughter it’s amazing how life has changed and gotten crazier then I could have imagined.

I am starting to feel like I just want some time to spend with my daughter and husband and have those good old summer nights walking the neighborhood, going for bike rides, getting some ice cream or night swimming under the stars without feeling like there is always something else I “should” be doing around the house.

I never imagined after having my daughter that making time for the simple things in life would become such a challenge. 

The hardest issue I am struggling with now is the guilt of being a working mom and not getting to do all of the fun things with my daughter.  When I get home from work by the time everyone has eaten dinner, had a bath and I have picked up the house it’s usually close to bed time.  I want nothing more than to go outside and run through the sprinkler with my daughter or take a long walk and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day.

It doesn’t help that most of my other working mom friends are teachers and get the summers off. Every day I hear on Facebook about the fun they had during the day with their kids.  It makes me second guess my decision to be a working mom on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, with the economy right now I need to work and quite frankly I spent many years in college to earn my advanced degrees and want to do that too.

I feel torn between two worlds – most days living partly in both when I really want to be completely present in both.

I feel alone in this struggle most days.  I pose this question, are there other working mothers out there that feel this way and carry the same guilt that I do?  How do you cope and does it get easier?

This is a guest post.  “Erin Stapleton is a working mom from Michigan who loves spending time outdoors with her family and being on the water as often as possible!  While her primary career is in the field of Accounting she has a passion for writing, especially about all of the joys and challenges that come with motherhood and raising a family in today’s crazy world!”

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