Chores For Your Teenager To Do This Summer

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washing dishesYou teenager is too old for daycare. You need to trust them to stay at home alone during the summer when school is out.

This is a fun time for many teenagers, since they have no school responsibilities. It is also a time where they may need more discipline structure to keep them from getting into trouble.

Parents can’t be at home 24/7 to watch over their growing teen. Keep your teenager active throughout the week by assigning them chores to do while you are gone at work.

It will teach them responsibility while still giving them plenty of time to lounge around and have fun during their summer break.

Take Care Of The Pets

Do you have a fish tank for the house? Teach your teenager how to clean the fish tank and keep it looking nice. Then, during the summer you can have your teen clean out the tank whenever your tank needs it.

Depending on your tank, this could be once a week or even more often than that. Also make it your teen’s responsibility to feed the fish too!

If you have a cat or dog, have your teen clip their nails or give them a bath. Have them brush your pet once a day to get all of the hair out. This will teach them that having a pet is a major responsibility.

When they get older, they will know more about what will be needed to done and how much time it will take for them to take care of a pet.

Clean Up The Kitchen

This is a good daily chore for your teen. When they wake up, have them check over the kitchen. If there are dirty dishes still out, have them clean it. Your teen will be responsible for making sure everything is put away in the proper place. This includes unloading the dishwasher.

Vacuum And Dust Once A Week

Having a teen off for the summer can mean less work for you. They can vacuum and dust the house once a week. Assign one day a week where this must be completed. Having a check list for the week is a good idea to keep your teen on track.

Make Sure They are Safe

Although keeping your teen busy helps keep them out of trouble, that doesn’t mean they will still get into trouble. Some teens are not as good at sticking to the rules as others, and sadly you cannot be there to watch them while you work.

Instead, use your home security system to help you keep an eye on them. By installing security cameras in your home, you can be sure that your teen is safe and secure by simply checking your smart phone.

Technology is here to help take some of the worry out of leaving your teen home alone! I know we don’t like to trust teens by themselves, but honestly… they really do just need some room to breath. Then IF anything goes wrong, the home security system records it!

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