Creating Warmth and Privacy On Your Outdoor Patio

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You may begin to feel the desire and inspiration to design a patio room when the weather is sunny and warm. Designing your patio with the future in mind, knowing that chilly days will soon follow, will enable you to enjoy your beautiful patio living space for a longer period of time.

Patio Furniture

Just as with your interior design, the furniture you select for your patio can give your outdoor living area a contemporary or modern appearance or it can lean more toward the casual decor similar to a beach cottage. Your patio can become a sophisticated entertainment area, a cozy place to relax or a place to spend casual days and evenings with family and friends.

You will want to select the most durable furniture possible so that it can endure both weather related issues and frequent use. Including multi-purpose furniture can be quite helpful. Ottomans and bench seats with storage are great for a patio. If you plan to entertain on your patio, a rolling cart or bar island would be a helpful addition to the patio design.

Creating Privacy

Most likely, you prefer that your patio have some element of privacy. There are various ways to create that privacy. Folding screens, like the indoor room divider screens, can make your patio a more intimate space. Privacy fencing along the perimeter of the patio will give the area a cozy, private atmosphere. Fencing also provides a place for you to add outdoor lighting and beautiful hanging baskets. Large plants or shrubs can make your patio a semi-private area.

Planning Ahead

Although the weather may be quite pleasant when you begin designing your patio room, if you include a warming feature in your plan, you can extend the time you have to enjoy your patio. Building a fireplace is certainly one option for adding warmth to the patio. A more budget friendly and less time consuming alternative would be to add a fire pit to the design. Sunken fire pits, like fireplaces, are exquisite and add a look of luxury to the patio. On a simpler scale, there are numerous fire pit styles, designs, sizes and shapes that will enhance the beauty of your patio as well as add warmth to the area.

Patio Accessories

As the temperatures get cooler, you can add accessories to your patio decor that will make it a comfortable place to spend time. An outdoor rug would add warmth to the patio. You can keep some sherpa or fleece throws in your outdoor storage chest so that they are within easy reach on a cool morning or evening. Using candles or personal fire bowls also adds warmth to your patio.

Three season patio rooms are the ultimate way to maximize the amount of time you can enjoy your patio. Sun room enclosures provide an attractive and convenient place for warm weather entertaining. They also offer you an excellent location for enjoying the natural beauty that comes with the changing seasons.

Your patio can become an extension of your living space. It can be designed as a personal retreat where you can enjoy moments of solitude or as an area for entertaining friends and family. Including a warming element in your design will extend the amount of time you have to enjoy your beautifully designed patio living space.

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