Does Fatherhood Make Men Happy?

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FatherhoodThere may be many men who want to have fun with the opposite sex before getting into a commitment and assuming responsibilities.

Some of these men decide to get a vasectomy (because they view it as a temporary form of effective contraception) and then get into many relationships -perhaps thinking that they can always undergo a reverse vasectomy at a later stage in life when they are ready to settle down and start a family.

Right now, their idea of enjoying life may be dating and mating.

However, such men may be wrong because recent scientific studies say that fatherhood has the potential to make men happy and stress-free. Here’s the scientific research that points in the fatherhood direction:

Parents Happier Than Their Childless Peers

Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychologist who works at the University of California, has devoted a majority of her research career in the study of human happiness.

She agrees with the universal notion that happiness is meaningful and desirable, and that it leads to a stronger society [1]. According to a research paper published by her along with other scientists in Psychological Science [2], parents are happier than their childless peers.

The paper describes how and why parents feel better most of the time and how bringing up children positively reinforces their outlook towards life. This study challenges other papers that state that having children depresses the parents.

Lyubomirsky tested 6,900+ Americans with the following questions: how many children they had; how happy they were with life; how happy was the father; and, how often did the respondent contemplate about the meaning of life.

Parents Happier Than Non-Parents

Another exhaustive study conducted by Live Science says that parents are not the miserable creatures saddled with responsibilities that they are perceived to be. Nor are they jumping with joy either.

This study concludes that people find solace and support in parenthood, and that childcare makes them happy and makes them find new meaning and purpose in life [3].

The research concludes by stating that parenthood is directly associated with happiness and that when parents are happy, the children benefit in a big way. So, parenthood makes for a win-win situation for all concerned parties.

To Sum Up

According to the scientific studies mentioned above, men have been programmed to start a family and be in it. The studies opine that every man knows that he is capable of producing many children with multiple partners and that producing children with different partners will make life difficult for him.

The studies also state that men who are single may lead unhealthy lifestyles. According to a research paper published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the risk of death is 32% higher for single men as compared to married men mainly because they lead an unhealthier lifestyle [4].

So, if we go by the research, all single men who feel they are going through the best phase in their lives should think again. The research papers state that becoming a father will make men happy and responsible.

The hidden message to men is that if you’re single and have undergone a vasectomy, you may want to consider reversing it so that you can start a family to become happier and healthier.






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