Downsizing – Should I Really?

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downsize-houseThe concept of downsizing from your beloved home and moving into something smaller might not seem like the most attractive option, but different people have different reasons for doing so.

Maybe all the kids have finally left the nest and you can’t see a reason for a four bedroom house anymore, maybe you’re creeping up on retirement and living in a smaller home or apartment just makes more sense, or maybe you’re in the midst of a financial struggle and need somewhere smaller-and less expensive- to live.

Whatever the case, change can be difficult, especially when it involves leaving a place you’ve resided in for so long and created so many wonderful memories in. Think of it as opening a new chapter and moving into new territory (physically, mentally, and emotionally). If you are still on the fence about moving to a smaller residence, I have gathered some tips to help persuade you to take the plunge.

There are obvious benefits to living in a smaller space, including:

Increased cash flow-A teenier mortgage payment translates into more money leftover at the end of the month. You can put that money into savings, have extra pocket change or hey, even go on a vacation. Punta Cana, anyone?

LESS CLEANING- I know, I know, but I just had to capitalize the joy that comes with less cleaning and less maintenance, and more free time to do…well, whatever your heart desires.

Decreased utility bill- With a smaller space comes less room to air condition and light, not only lowering your monthly expenditure, but also aiding in the green dream of the environment. Aw to that.

Reduced needless consumption- Maybe you’ve noticed this as well, but larger spaces tend to just accumulate more things. A smaller space requires fewer possessions to appear clean and de-cluttered, so you’re spending less money on shopping and trinkets and more money stays in the bank (or gets spent on takeout, whatever).

More you time! Ultimately, less housework, less responsibility, and more disposable income leads to reduced stress- YES! Now you can enjoy your spare time worry-free and spend your days painting those toenails and taking luxurious hot baths, WITH bubbles. I am starting to appreciate my shoebox of an apartment a lot more now…

There are pros and cons of change for both sides of the home-size spectrum. Discuss all options with your partner to come to a sensible agreement, and when in doubt, turn to a professional you trust to give you good advice and a professional opinion.

Jennifer Payne is a native of Toronto, Canada. She is a passionate blogger who enjoys writing for a variety of topics including real estate. In her spare time she enjoys browsing through the properties on the market. If you were wondering… Heather Mac is the real estate agent that I have grown to trust for my big moves!

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