Expecting Company – 6 Quick Last Minute Checks For Hosts

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contemporary family roomIf you’re hosting Easter or the big family reunion this year, no doubt you’ll be in extreme stress mode trying to get everything ready. From shopping for items to accommodate guests to buying the extra food and snacks, to making sure you have enough bedding, getting everything ready can be a task in itself, and you’ll probably have started it already.

So we all know the easiest way to handle these big days is to write a checklist and work through it systematically in priority order. This is by far the most effective and organized way of ensuring you have everything done.

But what about the night before? If you’re an organized busy bee you’ll have you checklist checked off and ready to go, little ones tucked in bed and the excitement if guests arriving. You could kick back with a glass of wine in hand and enjoy the quiet, or what’s more likely, is you’ll be doing that last minute once over to check everything’s just perfect.

So what are a few last minute touch ups you can be doing the night before to make sure everything’s just perfect for the big day?

A Quick Vacuum

Whip out the vacuum and give every room the quick once over. This gives you a chance to swipe up any stray smudges on the walls, to pick up and little bits of dust and grime which are cluttering the carpet, and also to give the air a clean and dust free feel. This is definitely something guests notice. Use a carpet powder refresher to make the room smell fresh.

A Quick Dust

Getting a duster out and running round the surfaces of the room will give it that last minute pristine look. During the spring, there is likely to be a lot of dust in your house due to your house being all closed up for the winter.

Keeping on top of that dust will prevent any health issues, clean the air, and also give your house a nicely finished look. Pay special attention to dark wood. There’s nothing worse than a guest leaning on a surface and leaving a handprint due to piled dust! If you have Bermuda shutters, make sure to run a damp cloth in the gaps as dust collects there quite easily.  Get one of those swiffer cloths to make this fast and easy.

A Quick Scent

Scented candles are a lovely way to create a homely feel in your house. Cheap scented candles are available from major supermarkets, and candles with cinnamon and orange scents are the best to create an inviting essence in your home. This will also disguise any cooking smells which will seep through the house and become unpleasant later on.

Why not try making your own scented pots for your home? By buying dried oranges, cloves, cinnamon and vanilla and placing them in boiling water, you’ll create a whirling scent that floats around your home.

A Quick Fix Up

Making sure all your appliances are working well the night before is essential. Check on your microwave and give it a quick clean so it’s sparkling. Check your dishwasher, empty out any food in the filter, and run it through empty with a cup of vinegar to clean it out. This appliance is going to be very important to the smooth running of your day so you don’t want it clogged up.

Lastly, check that everything is working on your oven, however, DON’T clean it. Sometimes cleaners can affect the inner workings of your oven, preventing it from working until all the parts are dry. The last thing you want when you’re looking to cook a big meal is a broken oven!

A Quick Sort and Sharpen

Do a last minute check on your crockery and cutlery to check you have enough. Try and locate all the cutlery in your house; no doubt there’s some hiding in your teenage son’s room! Get it all cleaned up and ready to go, making sure everyone has enough cutlery for the meal.

Secondly, look at your cooking and serving cutlery. Do you have enough clean and polished serving spoons? Are you kitchen knives sharpened and ready?

A Quick Safety Check

Nothing would be worse than some kind of medical crisis to put a dampener on the day. Except perhaps a fire.

Ensure that all your smoke detectors have functioning batteries and are in full working order. Just press the button for a quick check.

Secondly, make sure all fire blankets or fire extinguishers are working and ready to go, and in a place easily accessible to where they may be needed, such as the kitchen.

Lastly, make sure you know where your first aid kit it, check it’s stocked up and place it somewhere where it is on hand if needed.

Making sure everything is done prior to the day is important in keeping your own piece of mind and ensuring that you are ready without too much stress; after all, you want to enjoy your time with your guests so they will want to come again. With these last minute checks you’ll be raring to go for the guests arrival.

Freelance writer Mark Harris lives in White Rock, BC and thinks the West Coast of Canada is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. A big fan of the outdoors, he loves hiking and kayaking and finds it a shame when he’s locked in doors for work. Whe Mark’s looking to do home improvements such as improving his window treatments he researches online on sites such as http://www.sunbeltshutters.com to find the best products.

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