Family Travel: Ensuring One’s Safety When Traveling Abroad

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airplaneMany people have the chance, when they’re young at least, to travel around their home country and sometimes even across the world.

Unfortunately, this becomes a little bit more difficult when raising a family.

That’s why these overseas trips with the family are so special when the chance does arise. Unfortunately, being in a foreign country presents a few inherent dangers to those far away from home.

Luckily, there are a few steps that everyone can take to ensure that their family has a safe and exciting trip.

Travel Light

The United States Department of state recommends that travelers, regardless of where they’re going, try to travel light. This allows an individual to move around quicker if necessary and will often ensure that they have at least one hand free.

This alone can dissuade potential thieves. In addition, a light bag will reduce the chance that a person will leave their luggage unattended in order to rest their shoulder.

Make Copies

Making copies of important documents is absolutely essential. Making two photocopies of every family member’s airline tickets, passport, credit cards and driver’s license is vital.

One set of these copies should be left with a loved one at home, and the other should be brought along but packed separately from where the actual pieces of documentation are kept.

Pre-Plan Airport Transfer
Using an airport shuttle service can also go a long way in helping keep a family safe. These services will ensure that a family isn’t standing on an unknown street corner flagging down a taxi to get to their destination.

These shuttles will often travel directly from the airport to a host of different hotels. This means that a family can step off the plane, grab their luggage, locate the shuttle and be on their way.

Unfortunately, hiring these shuttles on the spot can be quite expensive. Luckily, there are online airport shuttle services, such asĀ, that actually allow people to book a shuttle in advance online so that it’s waiting for them when they step off the plane.

These sites often offer private and shared shuttles, so a family can opt for what’s easiest, cheapest or simply most comfortable for them.

Check Insurance Policies

An individual should also check their insurance policies before heading overseas. This includes both property insurance and health insurance. It’s imperative that a family be insured against loss, theft, injury and illness while abroad through these two insurance policies. If not, it’s important to ask what they need to do to get covered.

If traveling through a travel agent, however, it never hurts to ask if they offer policies. Many travel agencies are one-stop shops for everything travel, so they can often provide good discounts on property and health insurance.

No one should ever fear traveling overseas. Sure, there are a few places that aren’t really advisable to travel to, but most of these areas aren’t at the top of a person’s “to-do” list anyway.

To be on the safe side, it’s smart to check the Department of State’s website for any traveling warnings, but the aforementioned tips will also go a long way in keeping a person and their family safe. International family vacations only come around once every so often, so it’s important to be properly prepared to avoid any mishaps.

Lisa Coleman shares ways a person can prepare for a safer and smoother trip when traveling overseas, including pre-planning for airport shuttle services. This can be done conveniently online in advance with services such as Shuttle Direct, found at, where families can make airport travel arrangements throughout Europe and parts of North Africa and Western Asia.

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