Farts and Poop – Why are They so Darn Funny?

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Our five year old son is obsessed with two words lately; Farts and Poop. I swear some days this is all he talks about; fart songs, poop poems, poop stories, fart jokes on and on. He uses these words completely out of context and in situations that are not terribly appropriate for “gross talk” like in the middle of the doctor’s office or going through a ticket booth, or at the grocery story counter. And to make matters worse, his three year old sister, who idolizes him, has picked up the “language,” as well and rewards his constant grossness with full belly laughs (which I have to admit are adorable and addictive).

I know I’m not the only parent dealing with this as pretty much all the kids my son’s age roll on the floor with laughter at the mere suggestion of a fart. If they actually hear one, they practically lose their minds in delight.

So what makes farts and poop so darn funny? Farts have been a constant source of humor since the dawn of man.  I can picture two cavemen roasting a mammoth leg over a fire when one of them lets one rip…hilarity and laughter ensue……somebody gets clubbed over the head…well not much has changed.

Farts have been used in vaudeville acts, stand-up comedy, movies, comics, and of course even as one of the most famous and popular gag toys of all time…the Whoopee Cushion. And poop? Well it’s just gross, and something that should be kept under wraps; something that’s secret and gross? Recipe for child obsession.

Let’s face it, even us adults laugh at farts. Somebody accidentally let’s one loudly, squeak out in the elevator and you practically pop your head off trying to stifle your giggles until you can put safe distance between you and the farter.

You can buy fake poop, there was a movie about a product called “Poop Be Gone”, we hear of fart guns, fart sprays, whoopee cushions, you can download fart ring tones, there is even a website called fartmart.com (be sure to bookmark this one for Fathers’ Day shopping).

Sorry my fellow parents but our society has set us up to fail on this issue.

Although we try our best to limit the amount and timing of our son’s references to flatulence and bowel movements, I fear that this is a losing battle.  I honestly don’t think that we will ever win the war on fart and poop talk. There’s just way too much positive reinforcement and encouragement out there to keep it going for kids.  So like all the phases we find ourselves dealing with, over the years of raising children, let us all take a collective sigh and wait for the “Fart Phase,” to pass……………gas.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


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