Finding Balance: Family vs. Work

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The Age of Aquarius is upon us and now we all have equality and freedom. Hunh? Women, in 2011, still have the larger burden of the work/family balance.

It is definitely getting better, and many men are now seen dropping the kids off at school or the babies off at daycare, but there is a long way to go.

And don’t let him tell you he takes them to all the soccer games; we know he is having fun there! Here are some tips that will help working moms survive the family vs. work squeeze.

Share the Joy (of Housework)

I hear it all the time: “But he doesn’t do it the way I like.” The solution is easy; lower your standards. If you are fussy about the kitchen counters, make that your specialty. But hubby can clean the stove – it’s not that much different than the grill he is the king of. The same goes for laundry. Maybe you really can’t trust him with the delicates, but ask him to throw in a load of jeans or the kids gym sweats. They don’t even have to be folded that well.

The Gourmet Chef

If you are a working mom and still insist on putting a fancy dinner on the table every night, I hope your name is Joan, you martyr, you. Give yourself one or two days a week off and let dad or the kids cook. Just about anyone can do spaghetti and meatballs, mac and cheese or soup and sandwiches. Wouldn’t your usually draggy Monday at work fly by if you knew you could go home and just jump into the tub for a nice soak? It is a two sided sword: having a relaxing evening to look forward to makes your workday less stressful, and the problems of the office slide off you shoulders when you walk into a duty free home.

Create Your Own Balance

The famous motivational speaker and writer Dale Carnegie had a theory about dividing life into boxes. You have your work box and your family box. When you leave the office, put all your work (mentally) into that box and leave it at the office. When leave for work, put your family issues in their own nice little box and leave them at home.

Of course, there are instances when something pops out of each box, such as an emergency business call at home, or the thorny sibling problem in the middle of the day, but if you emotionally distance yourself from each world as much as possible when you are out of it, you will reduce the stress drastically.

The two career family is here to stay, and there is not too much chance that the housework and laundry are going to do themselves or that the kids will always get along. But a couple of simple balancing acts in each area of your busy life will bring you back to an even keel.

Money can be an issue when balancing family vs. work, especially when you’re taking a credit. Please make sure you understand your credit score first before deciding to make such a leap.

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