Five Insanely Easy Meals

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What’s for dinner? Does that question give you the shivers? Have no fear, there are many super easy meal ideas that can save you time, money and sanity all while avoiding resorting to the instant frozen dinner.  Here are five of my easy favorites:

1) PITA PIZZAS:  Buy large, whole wheat pita shells and what ever other pizza toppings you enjoy.  A bag of pita shells will have far more shells than buying pre-made pizza crusts and they are much healthier.  Simply layer with sauce, toppings and cheese, bake until the cheese has melted (which only takes about 5 – 10 minutes tops) and you have instant pizza night. 

Bonus Tip:  Buy large jars of pasta sauce instead of the small cans of pizza sauce. It tastes the same, you get more for your dollar and extra sauce can be used to make pasta the following night.

2) CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD: Don’t have time to cook up the chicken? No worries; pick up a bbq whole chicken from your local grocery store and you’re done.  Chop romaine lettuce, throw on the sliced chicken, bagged croutons and a bottled Caesar dressing (opt for the light variety to make this a healthier choice) and voila! Crisp and delicious and easy.

Bonus Tip: While chopping lettuce is really not that hard and heads of lettuce will always be cheaper than the pre-chopped bag variety – you can still keep your eye out for sales. Salad mixes will often come on sale when they get close to their expiry date or if there is over stock.

3) BROCCOLI MAC AND CHEESE:  Mac and Cheese is on most people’s comfort food list but you don’t have to worry about making sauce from scratch or how to get your kids to eat their veggies with this one.  Use canned cream of cheddar soup for an easy cheat.  Boil the macaroni noodles as usual but near then end of the boil, toss in some chopped up broccoli.  Drain, mix with cheese soup, top with cheese and bake in the oven for about 25-30 minutes and done. 

Bonus Tip:  The sky’s the limit with the options on this one. Kids don’t like broccoli? You can sneak in mashed sweet potatoes for a yummy kick, diced red peppers, grated carrot, or whatever else will get some fibre and nutrition in there.

4) TACOS: Tacos take no time to whip up; the only cooking required is frying up the hamburger,  there is a surprising amount of veggies in them (tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, olives, etc.) and they are always a hit with kids!

Bonus Tip:, You can  switch it up by using ground pork, chicken, or even ground veggie burger for leaner alternatives. 

5) BREAKFAST: Breakfast foods are comforting and can be a real easy treat to have at dinner. Had a long day at work and want something yummy and fun? How about pancakes? You can buy whole wheat pancake mix for a healthier option or stick with the regular variety. They’ll be ready in no time, and you can top them with fresh fruit.  Omelets are also super easy and a wonderful option for dinner.

Bonus Tip: Get everybody to get in their pajamas early and eat your Breakfast-Dinner together, perhaps as a kick off to family movie or game night.

Meals don’t have to drive you mad. Surf around the net and you will find a ton of great, quick and easy meal ideas.  Save yourself some time and a bit of your sanity and give these a try!




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