Flying With Your Kids

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Flying across the world to meet up with family for a celebration shouldn’t be put off because you’re worried about flying with your child. At some point you’re going to have to embark on a long flight with your child in tow, you may as well do it now, think of it as ripping off a band aid.

If you are prepared and have all your bases covered, the flight can seem pretty easy and you’ll wonder what you were worried out. You’ve seen all the parents flying with young babies before, now it’s your turn.

Pack Their Bag with Them

In the few days before your departure take your time with your child and pack their hand luggage together. This way they get to choose what they want on the flight with them, maybe a favourite toy or book.

Add some surprises to their bag such as small and cheap gifts which you can wrap up as present, surprises go a long way when you are trying to keep a child calm on a long flight.

Don’t forget the colouring books, crayons, paper to draw on and some fun stickers. These can help keep your child occupied for long periods.

Go Against The Rule – Junk Food is Your Friend

While you may try and keep your child away from the packets of crisps and sweets, in this situation these are your friends. Now you may wonder why you would go against everything you have worked for, but giving in to your child’s every sweet urge or request on a flight can keep the peace, keeping both them and you very calm and happy.

This will also be something they remember, which makes future flights that little bit easier. Be sure to pack some lollipops which are fantastic when taking off, they reduce the ear popping sensation that so many children experience.

Be Sure To Pack the Gadgets

Make sure all the gadgets are well charged before you leave home. Put some great TV series, children games and movies on your iPad or pack their Nintendo DS with a selection of games. Gadgets can keep children occupied for long periods, a welcome break for any parent trying to manage a young child on a flight.

Make Some Rules

Bribery is not the best practice with children, but it’s definitely your friend on a flight. Make some ground rules about the flight and ensure your child understands them. You can hold back those little wrapped surprises for when the child is behaving as you lay down in your rules.

Understanding the rules and abiding to them can make your flight a less painful experience.

Choosing Your Flight

When booking your flight try and book it according to your child’s schedule. If your child is a little older try and book a night flight, this way they can sleep a majority of the way. If you have a younger child, be sure to stick to their usual routine.

Booking early also helps as you can specify the seats you want and be sure the airline is aware you are flying with a child and what age your child is; many airlines book specific seats for certain age groups.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Panic

You’re half way through the flight and your child is getting restless, don’t panic. While this is easier said than done and you are worrying about your fellow passengers, panicking is only going to make matters worse.

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This is a guest post.  Talk to your child, remind them on the rules, give them an activity to do and if necessary walk around the plane if you can. At Altonbreaks we’re always working on ways to make parents lives easier. Good luck!


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