Four Tips to Teamwork and Family Fun

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Family activities that include games involving teamwork are a great way to enjoy time together. When you plan family game time, make sure you include activities that can be enjoyed by all ages. Even adults and the youngest family members enjoy playing organized games. The key thing to remember is to play for fun and not turn it into a competition where feelings get hurt. Don’t have activities involve a lot of complicated rules or are long and drawn out. Keep it light, keep it simple and most of all, have fun.

First Things First

When you set up teams for your family fun games, mix age groups together so that younger children don’t feel they are being played against unfairly. Also mixed aged teams let older children or adults put their experience to good use by sharing their skills with younger team members.

Outdoor Sports

Baseball or softball is a popular way for everybody to have fun. Sack races or relays are great as well. Playing games that are for fun, and not forscore, such as Frisbee are good ways to get everybody involved. Soccer is another way for family members of all ages and skill levels to run play and burn off energy.  Make sure you are well prepared for playing ball games by having adequate equipment such as balls, bats and helmets. Emphasize that rough play will not be tolerated so that you reduce the risk of injury.

Take Advantage of Warmer Weather

When weather permits, there are numerous teamwork games that can be played in a pool or lake. Water tag, Marco polo or monkey in the middle are very good games for family members of all ages.  Another game is to play keep-away with a beach ball. Water balloon relays are great ways to have fun and cool off at the same time. You can have people pair up to toss them back and forth of form lines and see how far down the line the balloon makes it without breaking.

Don’t Forget the Classics

Classic games such as freeze tag, tug-o-war or hide-and-seek are great for playing at family picnics and reunions.  Freeze tag and hide and seek can be played as teams or as individuals. Team play makes the game more interesting. Tug-o-war is great because you can divide into two teams with a mix of adults and children. You can make family game time by giving out small silly prizes at the end of each competition. Remember keep it light, keep it simple and everybody has fun.

If you’ve read this far, you notice that the emphasis is put on fun. Ensuring the entire family has fun is the key to teamwork and family building activities. Take the time to enjoy one another, and you will have a successful family venture.

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