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I love summertime.  It really brings out the child in me, especially now that I’m a mom! My daughter is 15 months old and at such a fun stage.  Now that we can interact, I wanted to find some fun, free, or low cost activities we could do as a family that wouldn’t break the bank this summer.

1)      Museums (Free on Special Days) – Target has a wonderful program where they offer free events in cities around the country on certain days of the month.  This is such a great idea and way for your kids to learn during the summer months as well.

2)      Bike Riding (Free) – There’s hundreds of trails around the Metro areas for bike riding. You get to ride on a paved path and experience some of the beauty of your area as well.  I have a bike trailer so I can ride my bike while pulling my daughter safely behind me.

3)      Local Malls (Free) – Our local outside malls have lots of fun children’s activities during the summer.  One mall has an outdoor splash park which offer hours of endless fun for the kids.  One of the other outdoor malls has children’s activities planned on a weekly basis such as story time or arts and craft time.  Check out your local mall website or Facebook for updates on all of their activities scheduled.

4)      Splash Parks (Free with annual metro park pass $25/year) – Splash parks are so much fun.  At our local metro parks they have put in the soft rubber matting with a bunch of fountains and small plash pools for the kids to play in.  All we did was purchase our annual metro park pass, which we use on a weekly basis, and there you go fun at the park. This fun is twofold you get to keep cool too, especially considering the heat wave that has been hitting the Midwest.

5)      Zoo ($65 Annual Membership) – I love the zoo and the metro Detroit Zoo has really gone to great lengths to improve their exhibits and experience over the last couple of years.  While the zoo does cost money I bought the membership that allowed me to bring a free guest so you can swap activities and bring one of your friends and then they can bring you to their local activity center for free as well.  You can even bring in your own lunch and drinks to keep the costs down. I also love the idea that I am contributing to my community by supporting the zoo!

These are just a few of the ideas I came up with while trying to plan some fun summertime activities.  What do you do in your area for fun in the summer?

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