Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk

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designated driverGoing out for a round of drinks with friends can be a great way to cut loose and relax after a long work week.

However, a night of drinking can end up in tragedy if you and your friends are not careful to ensure your group’s safety as you all head home from the club.

When you want to make sure all of your friends get home safely, you can appoint yourself as the group’s designated driver. When you fill this role, you may learn the ways you can impact your friend’s lives and legal futures.

Friends’ Safety Ensured

The most obvious benefit to your being the designated driver is that you help your buddies get home safely after a night of drinking. Even the drunkest of people sometimes will insist that they are fine to drive.

However, an intoxicated person cannot control a car safely or react in time to stop an accident. When you take on the role of the safe driver for the night, you will keep your senses intact and be able to drive everyone home safely.

Employment Protected

When you and your friends go out drinking, you may not be thinking about how a night of fun can impact your employment. In fact, your behavior after hours can affect your employment greatly if you are not careful to use common sense.

Many employers do not tolerate their workers having DUIs on their records. If you or your friends are charged with this crime, you all could lose your jobs.

When you drive everyone home, however, you will ensure that your job, as well as your friends’ employment, will be safeguarded and available for you all to return to the next work week.

Protecting the Public

Many drunk drivers do not give any thought to the risk they pose to the public. They only think to get themselves home before they get caught by the cops.

When you drive your friends home from the bar, you provide an invaluable service to the public who may otherwise be in the path of your drunken friends’ cars. By driving your group home that night, you will prevent DUI wrecks and perhaps injuries or deaths.

Preventing Legal Difficulties

Every state has strict DUI laws on the books. These laws are not often flexible, and they do indeed carry harsh penalties, particularly if someone has been injured or killed because of an intoxicated driver’s negligence.

If your friends were to drive themselves home after a night of partying, they could very well be charged with driving under the influence. This charge could result in their being heavily fined, imprisoned, and having their drivers’ licenses suspended for a year or more.

However, if your buddies were to face this charge, they more than likely would be advised to retain a local DUI attorney for counsel.

A local attorney pertinent to the area of DUI charge, like a Gainesville DUI attorney if the charge was given in Gainesville, FL, would be advised due to their knowledge and experience with all the local and state laws for the area.

Their attorney could help them face reduced sentencing and perhaps assist your friends in retaining their jobs and driving privileges. Even so, providing your services as a designated driver can help your friends avoid this legal trouble altogether.

By appointing yourself as your friends’ designated driver, you could provide invaluable services to the public, as well as to your group. You can make sure everyone gets home safe and protect your friends’ jobs and legal futures.

Lisa Coleman shares tips on how a designated driver can help prevent the terrible consequences that can accompany drinking and driving, and legal ramifications if faced with a DUI charge. She recently viewed online how Katz & Phillips, P.A., a Gainesville DUI attorney in the state of FL, can legally assist a person who has been charged with a DUI and how it might still be possible to retain a driver’s license with the help of an experienced attorney.

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