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Teenagers Seating Can be FunkyFor many parents finding a good seating solution for their children is tricky.

They would like something durable, comfortable and supportive; something that fits in with the décor of their home, is easy to clean and represents good value for money.

Their children would like something modern and funky that they can lounge about on. It might seem impossible to find one solution to please both parties, but fortunately bean bags tick all of these boxes.

Some Great New Options for Kids

From the popular BazZoo animal-shaped bean bags to those bearing official Jacqueline Wilson illustrations, children’s bean bags come in a huge range of designs and colours, meaning that there is something to suit every style and taste, and allowing children to express their individuality.

And if parents are after a bean bag to fit in with a more ‘grown up’ décor in downstairs family rooms, then a stylish, brown, faux leather bean bag or Baz bag in classic black, dark green or blue will surely do the job.
The smaller children’s bean bags are also lightweight and many styles have a carry handle, making them highly portable and easy for children to carry from room to room.

In the case of indoor-outdoor bean bags this makes them even more versatile, as they can be easily transported from the house to garden and back again, or even to the beach or campsite. Their portability also makes great extra seating for guests.

For the ultimate versatility, products such as the Do2 XL 2-in-1 lounger bed take bean bags to a different level as they convert from a bean bag to a spare bed in seconds for impromptu sleepovers, either at home or at a friend’s.

Parents need no longer worry about their children’s posture once they have a bean bag to sit on. Using a bean bag has been shown to improve posture, because the spine is properly supported in a line.

For those children or teenagers who tend to sit for long periods, whether for reading, studying or gaming, a teardrop-shaped bean bag pod or gaming chair will also provide optimum neck and head support, preventing strain on the neck and back.

In fact, bean bags are increasingly being used in schools, libraries, nurseries and children’s centres because children tend to concentrate better when seated in a bean bag. On a more rigid chair, the child is distracted by the very seat itself, which may even have uncomfortable plastic edges behind the knees or in summer will stick to bare legs, causing them to fidget and lose concentration.

Bean bags provide so much comfort and support that the children don’t need to think about how they are sitting and can give their attention to lessons, studying or listening to stories.

Many institutions are opting for small bean bag seat pods, bean bag cubes or Baz bags due to their portability and ease of storage. These products are also made in wipe clean, water-resistant 100% polyester, making them perfect for dealing with the inevitable spills and accidents that occur around small children.

Bean Bags Built to Last

In terms of durability, bean bags are double-stitched, double-zipped and overlocked stitched to make them less likely to split and safer for little ones, with a handy insert bag for the bean filling that can be easily topped up with replacement beads over time and makes removing outer covers for cleaning a breeze.

Those manufactured in 100% polyester or faux leather are wipe-clean as previously mentioned, whilst others, such as the embroidered cotton bean bags featuring butterfly, owl, space, robot or cupcake designs, are manufactured in 100% cotton, which can be freshened up in the washing machine.

With bean bags as durable as these, they represent a great investment for homes or institutions. Apart from an occasional top-up of filling once in a while, which is easily and cheaply available from original manufacturers like BeanBagBazaar, bean bags have no other on-going maintenance costs and represent good value for money.

It is rare for parents and children to agree, but bean bags as a seating option is one case in which everyone is in agreement. Versatile, portable, fresh and funky, with many shapes, sizes and designs to choose from, bean bags are an increasingly popular choice for parents and children alike.

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