Giving Gifts to Distant Loved Ones

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Whether you have a child away at college or a significant other who is in another country on business, it’s difficult being far away from the ones you love, especially on special days.

We often celebrate occasions with gift giving, but you can’t exactly show up at their door with a bouquet of flowers if they are thousands of miles away.

However, with the advancements of the internet and rapid delivery services, there are many other ways you can surprise your special someone and show them you care, even with miles or even oceans between the two of you.

Send Food!

Everybody loves to get sweets, whether it’s a basket of chocolates or a bouquet of fruit in the shape of flowers. There are many companies online that will ship their food products overseas so you can send some chocolates to your ‘someone’ on Valentine’s Day or some cookies at Christmas time. Food is a great way to bring home to a person who is far away or vice versa – even if they can’t be home to share those delicious holiday cookies with you, they’ll be reminded of you when they open up their gift package.

Send a Cuddly Friend!

You may not be able to show up and give your special person a hug, but you can send them a giant teddy bear that’s just as cuddly. Teddy bears are perfect for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even as congratulatory gifts. There are colors and styles for all occasions and you can even have them personalized to add a special touch. There’s no better way to warm up a person’s day than to let them come home to a furry friend waiting on their doorstep.

Send Flowers!

Of course, it’s romantic to surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet of roses or lilies for a special occasion or just because. However – it might be even more of a surprise if they receive these flowers from you even when they think it’s impossible. There’s nothing sweeter than a surprise, so if you know your loved one is having a tough day and you want to put a smile on his/her face, there are plenty of services that can deliver bouquets with personalized greeting cards so you can send your love anywhere!

Just because someone is far away doesn’t mean you can’t give gifts or surprise them. It’s certainly not the same as showing up with something in your hand, but they will find the thought and effort to be even sweeter since you had to get creative. Just make sure to add a personal touch and it will be a surprise they’ll never forget!

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