How Can Summer Jobs Help College Students?

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college studentShould I push my teenage son to get a summer job? This is probably one of the questions that many parents ask themselves whenever their college kids are home for the summer.

Yes, summertime is best spent lazing around the house, the beach, or the pool. It’s also best spent with family, friends, and loved ones before going back to his college life. However, by simply bumming around the house, your child is going to miss a lot of important lessons that he could have learned if he only had a summer job to be busy with.

The Value of a Dollar

Parents who don’t allow their college kids to get a job during the summer have to fork money over to their children from time to time. After all, where else will they get money for movies, for dining out, for new summer clothes, right? If you always give them cash each time they ask for it, they won’t know and appreciate the value of a dollar.

By having a summer job though, your son will learn and appreciate how it really is to earn his own money. He’ll know firsthand how hard it is to spend days working for his salary, and when he receives his first paycheck, he’ll appreciate all the efforts he’s placed into acquiring that amount of cash.

The earlier you teach your child about the value of a dollar, the better. This way, he won’t be wasteful and careless with his money in the future.

Better Financial Habits

College kids who have summer jobs have better financial habits. They understand how hard it is to earn cash, so they know how to handle their earnings better.

By encouraging your son to get a summer job, you’ll be teaching him how to make better financial decisions. Say for example he wants a new gadget but what he’s earning is not enough to cover the whole cost.

Should he buy it now and borrow money from you or work more till he has the full amount? Should he still buy the gadget or save the money for his college fund? His choices will help shape the way he makes financial decisions in the future.

Learn Valuable Skills

College kids who have summer jobs also get to learn valuable skills. Let us say for example that your child applied for a sales representative summer job, the skills that he will get to learn are countless.

For one, he’ll learn how important it is to get up early in the morning. This teaches him time management. Two, he’ll also learn how to communicate better with people, especially employers and clients. This is something that he won’t learn from bumming around the house all day.

Three, he’ll learn how to make quick decisions and how to handle difficult situations. Four, he’ll learn how to present products and services better. This will benefit him a lot if he’s joining the sales industry in the future. Five, he’ll learn how to be a professional.

Summer jobs are a good addition to his resume. It will give him an edge over his competition when he applies for a job after graduation.

Jennifer Dalenberg writes forĀ Vantage Marketing, a marketing company that offers sales representative positions to college students. The author also contributes articles to career development blogs and sites.

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