How Godparents Can Commemorate A Baptism

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baby baptismGodparents perform an important role in the lives of newly baptized Catholic children. As an additional support for the parents in the development of their godchildren, they commit to help them stay firmly rooted in their faith.

This special role is further confirmed during the Christening ceremony as they publicly accept their role in front of the whole church. For parents who want to purchase gifts for godparents, there are some excellent options available. In fact, godparents’ gifts are some of the most popular religious gifts. Here is a list of some of the best gifts to give a godparent:

Godparents Card and Pin

You can send your child’s godparents a special message with a godparent’s card before the Christening as a way of thanking them for taking part in this important day and for committing to help care for your child as he or she grows up in the Catholic Church. The pin that comes with this card can be worn during the ceremony as a way of distinguishing your child’s godparents.

Commemorative Coffee Mug

A coffee mug made especially for godparents offers an everyday reminder for your child’s godparents about their role and is a practical way to say thank you. Just be sure your child’s godparents enjoy drinking coffee or tea before buying this gift. Given the appropriate recipient, this gift can be truly special and meaningful.

Baptism Photo Frame

Ask a friend or photographer to take pictures during the baptism ceremony so that you can give your child’s godparents a unique and special gift to help them remember the Christening.

Even if you take your own pictures, you can place them in special frames designed for godparents that will make for an excellent gift. From simple frames that can hang on a wall to more ornate pewter frames, you can easily find some high quality pictures frames that you can use for a picture of your child and his or her godparents.

Pewter Book Mark

For godparents who enjoy reading a lot and who could use something that is sturdy to mark their places in their books, a pewter book mark designed for godparents offers both a meaningful message and a very practical gift that can be used every day.

A book mark could be used every day and will help prompt your child’s godparents to pray for him or her. Sometimes a small, elegant gift like this can be even more meaningful if it’s appropriate for the recipient.

Pewter Cross

A pewter cross with a special message for godparents is the perfect gift for a home since it is sturdy and can be placed in any room. Pewter is an ideal metal for gifts since it is both affordable and elegant. A pewter cross provides a constant reminder of your gratitude to your child’s godparents.


There are plenty of excellent plaques that offer prayers for godparents and other relevant scripture verses. Some even provide a slot where you can place a picture of your child with his or her godparents. Sometimes you need to find the perfect message for the special people in your life, and a great way to thank your child’s godparents is with a meaningful thank you on a plaque that they can hang in their homes.

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