How The “Do Not Call’ List Works

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Do Not Call ListIf you don’t have a private phone number then chances are you are going to receive unwanted calls from telemarketers on a pretty regular basis.

Sometimes these callers are persistent, calling you several times a day at early hours of the day, or even late in the evening.

You can choose to ignore these calls, however if you are waiting for an important call and these callers are persistent, they calls can tend to become annoying.

That’s where the National Do Not Call Registry comes into play.

How It Works

The National Do Not Call Registry, which is managed by the Federal Trade Commission or (FTC), allows you to have the number of calls you receive by these telemarketers limited. This registry was created to give consumers a choice to receive calls.

Once your phone number is registered with them, a telemarketer which is covered by the registry will then have 31 days to cease their calls. This is why signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry is a great idea.

It will save you the hassle of having to tell each individual party to stop calling you. Often, you may stress your concern to the telemarketer, but their company will call you from a different number each time, leaving you confused as to why they are still calling even though you have told them to stop.

How You Can Register

Simply go to the National Do Not Call Registry, enter your phone number (you can add up to three different numbers), enter your email and you are done. You will then have to confirm your email address to register.

Simply go to the email address you used to register and confirm the email which is sent. Once you have completed those steps you are finished and a telemarketer will have up to 31 days to stop calling.

How To File A Complaint

If in the event it has been more then 31 days and you are still receiving calls from telemarketers then you can immediately go to the website to file a complaint. If the calls you are receiving are recorded messages then you do not have to wait the 31 days to file a complaint, you can file immediately.

Anyone who is exempt from the National Do Not Call Registry is still allowed to call you such as charitable organizations, or telephone surveyors, so please take that into mind before filing a formal complaint.

Once you have decided to file a complaint you will need to enter in the phone number that has called you, the date and time of the call, and if it was a recorded message or not.

Then you will need to enter in the name of the company, and your contact information, followed by any other comments you may have. Once you have completed all fields of the form you may submit your complaint.

The National Do Not Call Registry will then contact you and let you know when the matter has been taken care of.

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