How To Baby Proof Your Home Office

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Screen Capturing is so simple even he can follow through

So simple even he can follow through

Working from home can certainly have its perks for those who have a family, especially if you wish to spend more time with your little ones.

The key to ensuring that working from home is successful is to have your very own home office or workspace that is separate from the rest of the house.

This guarantees peace and quiet when the children come back from school, nursery or the babysitter. However, just having your home office is not enough when there are very small children in the house – the room needs to be baby proofed. Here are some of our top tips on how to baby proof your home office, keeping it safe, clean and a joy to work in.

Keeping It Safe

The first important task is to keep your home office safe, especially if your little one is crawling or walking. Keeping dangerous objects out of grabbing reach is something that all parents will get accustomed to very quickly; it becomes second nature. Items such as scissors, small objects and substances such as bleach or cleaning liquids need to be put somewhere high up or locked away.

Also bear in mind the safety of things such as your work desk, chair and any other furniture in your home office. Computer cables need to be tucked behind desks, sharp edges need to be covered in soft materials, or cushions, and drawers that can be pulled open (and fall over) need to be locked.

Keeping It Clean

Now that your home office is safe let’s take a look at keeping it clean. Babies are great at getting sticky fingers on everything, including the carpets! Make sure you keep your carpets pristine by using something such as top quality carpet protector, which will protect against spills and sticky messes. The best known range from Scotchgard also has a fabric and upholstery version that is perfect for furniture such as office chairs and sofas.

Sometimes accidents happen and this can’t be helped, but make sure you deal with mess as soon as it occurs. Have an emergency cleaning kit locked away somewhere in or near your home office, to mop up those spills straight away.

Keeping It a Joy to Work In

Many people work from home because they want the flexibility to enjoy more time with their children. Remember this when your little one has caused a mess or broken something that should have been out of reach! It’s important to ensure your child learns what they can and cannot play with in your home office, at an early age.

Why not arrange a ‘play time’ hour in your office? Your baby can come and explore your workplace safely and you get to spend precious time with your loved ones. Just keep that Carpet Protector close by for those inevitable sticky fingers on the floor! working from home can be one of the most rewarding experiences for parents. It’s a unique way to get your work done and still spend time with your family – so enjoy it!

Richard Dadman is a new father who recently decided there isnt enough information for parents on how to survive the first few weeks of being a new parent. He also writes on several other topics that he is passionate about and has been blogging since 2007.


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