How to Build Fitness into Your Child’s Life

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We all understand how important fitness is in order to keep us healthy, and it is vital that we pass this message on to our children. The average lifestyle of a child is becoming more sedentary than ever.

This is due to the growing trend to use the internet rather than playing outside, and the fact that cars and buses make travelling a lot easier. More children than ever are becoming obese, and this means that it really is time for us to do something about it. This page will help you to consider ways in which you can get them more active.

The School Run

Firstly, consider how they make their journey to school. If you drive them, then encourage them to allow you to park a little further away, and then complete the journey on foot. If the journey would take fewer than 30 minutes, then they should try to walk instead of get a lift at least a couple of days each week. If they get a school bus, suggest that they might want to get on at a later stop.

Get to the Root of their Exercise Fears

It may be tempting to write notes to excuse your child from games if they ask you to, however this is not helpful to them in the long term. Unless your child has a physical reason that means that they are unable to complete the session, you should refuse their request for a note.

Limit Computer Game Playing Time

More children than ever are choosing to sit on games consoles after school, however there is the option of now buying a console that allows users to be physically involved with their game. This means that they still get to play, but they would be moving around whilst doing so. Therefore, they will be improving their fitness levels without even realising that they’re doing so.

Buy Them The Right Kit

This may not be a popular choice with parents byt ensuring that your child has the latest fashionable sports kit migth just be the thing that encourages them to get up and go for a run or do some exercise. A pair of the latst mizuno wave rider running shoes or adidas sports kit might be just the thing that they need and make great birthday or Christmas gifts.

Get the Whole Family Involved

It is important that you get the entire family involved in your fitness attempts. If your child feels as though they are being singled out, they will simply not respond. You should plan a family outing at least once each week that involves being active. You could try going for a walk, and then stopping at a play park on the way home. This means that your child will get the chance to run around away from their computer games

You do not need to do anything drastic, but simply taking these small steps will help your child to become fitter. This is definitely worth doing, as it will prevent them from experiencing various health issues in the future.

This is a guest post.  This article was written by Ross, a london triathlete and blogger. 

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