How to Evict Your Grown Up Children: You Have To Help Them Grow Up!

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It’s not a nice thing to have to think about, and it’s not a pleasant experience to have to go through, but sometimes it just has to be done. These days there are a large number of parents that are having to adapt to having grown up children still living at home with them. This could be for any number of reasons. They could have lost their jobs and got into financial trouble leaving moving back in with mum and dad their only option. Or, they could simply never have made the effort to stand on their own two feet and leave home in the first place.

Sometimes an adult child in the family home fails to take on the responsibilities of contributing to the household in any way, they still expect their meals to be made, their laundry to be done and to be able to treat the home the same way they did when they were kids. Sleepovers when they were kids were adorable but now they have become sexual and that is just awkward for parents to deal with. If the adult child persists with unacceptable behaviour such as law breaking or shows a total lack of respect for their parents or the family home, eviction may be the only way to go.

Is Eviction the Answer?

In many cases it is. What we are talking about here is not the child that has never moved out because they are happy at home, here we are referring to those adult children whose behaviour, and attitude is having a detrimental effect of the lives of other family members. In this situation the relationship between the parent and the child has generally broken down and there is little or no effective communication happening between them. When you feel like your family life is suffering and that you are fearful of the way that events are turning then yes, eviction is the answer.

Starting the Process

A good place to start is with the basics. This means putting pen to paper and stating clearly just what kind of behaviour is and is not acceptable in your home. You should outline clearly just what will and will not be tolerated, and then you should get your adult child (or family squatter) to read it and sign it, if possible get it notarised so that it becomes a legal agreement between both parties. You should make the consequences of any violation of this agreement clear at the start. This gives you a proper landlord and tenant relationship, so when the time comes when they are asked to leave it should come as no surprise to them.

Operating Within the Law

Make sure that you fully research current eviction law where you live as occasionally there are differences in the guidelines. Then place a call to your local county court. This will get the ball rolling and the paperwork regarding the eviction created. You may be charged a fee for filing the eviction but if things are that bad in the family home it will be money well spent. Once all of the paperwork has been produced your tenant will be served the eviction notice.

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