How To Help Your Child To Grow Up To Be The Next Einstein

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smart childWe all want the best for our children but unfortunately there’s ultimately so much any of us can do.

While we can provide for them and protect for them in their childhood, eventually we will have to let our children grow up and leave us and from that point on there is much less we can do to help.

As such then, while our children are still young, it’s vital that we not only protect them but also prepare them – which means giving them the skills and abilities that they will need to take into the outside world with them once they’re standing on their own two feet.

And one of the most important of these skills? Intelligence undoubtedly has to be high on the list which will help them to make the smartest decisions and to excel in their careers and relationships. Here we will look at how you can help your children to develop their smarts when they’re younger so that they have that ace up their sleeves when they’re older.

The Right Entertainment

When you think of the biggest influencing factors on your children’s lives, often you will tend to think of things like parents, friends and teachers. However one of the surprisingly big influences that doesn’t fall into any of these categories is entertainment – such as the computer games and the TV series that your children enjoy.

This can influence young children in a large variety of ways, from influencing their moral compass, to changing their interests and hobbies, to affecting the kind of language and the kind of issues they are exposed to. If you want your children to grow up to become smarter, then it won’t hurt at all to encourage them to watch the more intellectual kids’ programs on TV.


You can also help this yourself by reading to them before bed, or by offering to play games with them whether those be chess or Skyrim.

Playing games with them can also help to develop their ‘theory of mind’ as they try to double guess your next moves and it can enable you to spot any developmental delay early.


The way you communicate with your children will have a huge impact on their development and on the way they learn and grow. Particularly important here is the grammar and vocabulary you use.

If you are tempted to ‘dumb down’ your language for your children then be aware that you might also be inadvertently dumbing them down and damaging their development. Speak to your children like adults and research shows that they will develop more as a result.


Exercising is incredibly important for your children’s development and can help them in a number of ways. Of course this can improve their fitness and prevent obesity (which is in turn shown to help prevent obesity in later life), but at the same time it can also aid their mental ability and improve things like short term memory and alertness.

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