How to Make Bath Times Fun and Safe

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Some kids love taking baths while others are a struggle. Even the simple act of putting them in the tub can be a pain. What’s a parent to do with a preschooler who cries every bath time? Here are a few simple tips to make bath time fun and safe.

First of all, never leave your child alone in the bath even for a just a minute. Kids can drown in less than an inch of water. Prepare for bath time before you put your child in the tub. Make sure that soaps, toys, towels, clothes or a robe are all in place before you begin.  If you need to get the door or the phone, scoop up your child in a towel and take him with you.

Water safety

Wait until the desired amount of water fills the tub. Don’t put your child in running water as the temperature may change or the water might become too high. Remember that an inch of water can drown a child.

Make sure that the temperature is not too hot and not too cold. Kids actually prefer a much cooler tub than adults. Listen to your child. If he says the water is too hot, take him out of the tub and try mixing the water again. If you can, get a bath thermometer. Water that is 150 degrees F can give a child third-degree burns just in 2 seconds.  He can get the same burns in 140 degree F water in just 5 seconds.

The amount of water should not be over your child’s waist when he is sitting down.

Environment safety

Place a rubber mat inside the tub for more secure seating. You can also get cushioned spout covers to prevent painful bumps. If you have glass, make sure that they are safety glass.

Keep electric appliances out of the bathroom during bath time to be safe. It’s not enough that they are away from the tub. Your toddler or preschooler can still pull them inside the tub through their cords and handles.

Kid safety

Never let your child stand, jump or splash around the tub. Tell him to keep seated at all times. Do not allow him to touch the faucet handles. He will eventually be strong enough to turn them and this can lead to serious injury for the both of you. When he is old enough to understand, explain why he should not play with the handles.

Bath paraphernalia safety

Shampoos, soaps and even bubble bath can dry out your baby’s skin. Dry skin causes rashes. Look for baby-friendly and kid-friendly products for your child. Use them sparingly. Sure, bath time involves a lot of bubbles but that can cause more harm than fun.  Do not use bath oils as they can cause urinary tract infections. If you need to have some play time, make it at the beginning so that your child won’t be soaked in soap-filled water for so long.

As for toys, choose ones that are not only baby safe but bath time safe. There are toys specially designed for bath time. Don’t fill the tub with toys. Choose one or two pieces and just rotate them so your child won’t get bored.

Bath times are important for you and your child. It’s a way to bond and to teach him good hygiene. Make it more fun and safe with these tips.

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