How To Pick A Child-Friendly Neighborhood

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happy familyIf you are thinking of moving or buying a house of your own, there are a lot of issues you need to address, especially when you have children.

Picking a child-friendly neighborhood or community is one of them.

If you want your children to live and grow in a safe community, you need to thoroughly evaluate each neighborhood your visit.

But before you feel overwhelmed by the weight of this decision, you need to know that there are wonderful child-friendly neighborhoods out there.

You just need to know what you should look for.

What Makes A Community Child-Friendly?

Here are a few of the typical characteristics of a kid-friendly community:

  • Safe
  • Accessible
  • Have the right scale
  • Preserves the tradition of the neighborhood
  • Integrated with nature and community

A kid-friendly neighborhood must also be sustainable. This means that it protects the environment and ensures that it is livable and cost-effective for many years to come.

Those who promote kid-friendly cities and neighborhoods believe that a community that is healthy for the children is also good for the entire family.

Here are a few guidelines to help you find the best community for your family.

Is The Community Safe?

When visiting and evaluating the neighborhood, you must observe whether the presence of law enforcers in the area is noticeable. Pay attention to passing police cars on the streets or look for an officer at the playground.

When law enforcers personally take interest in the activities of the children in the neighborhood, it may mean that they are concerned about the wellbeing and safety of the children.

Aside from police presence, you must also pay attention to the sidewalks and traffic within the neighborhood. You must ask yourself:

  • Are the sidewalks safe for children who go out on their own?
  • Are the sidewalks in good condition?
  • Are there any signs near crosswalks or streetlights along dark areas of the road?

In addition, you must also determine whether there are any signs indicating the presences of children on the street. You must also determine the speed limit within the community’s streets.

It is also advisable to look for a community that has special routes where children can travel on foot or using a bicycle.

Are Kid-Friendly Establishments Accessible?

The most important establishments you need to check out are the schools. When you are in the process of picking out neighborhoods, you need to consider if there are any good schools nearby.

Check out the local schools and consider their distance from the community. Are they within walking or biking distance? Will your children need to take a school bus?

Aside from local schools, you must also check out the parks and playgrounds. But seeing parks and playgrounds with swings and other play structure is not the only thing you need to take into account. You must also consider who stays in those areas.

Do you see children and their parents? Or do you see teenagers or male adults hanging out doing nothing? If you find a playground without kids, that is a sign that you must look for a different community.

Do You See Other Children In The Community?

After checking out the safety and establishments within or near the neighborhood, you must then take into account how many children are in the community. You can drive around and notice how many kids are in the neighborhood.

If you see plenty of toddlers and young ones playing in the backyards or at the public playground, there is a huge chance that the neighborhood is a good choice because other families found wonderful qualities for their young ones in the community as well.

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