How to Prevent Teen Sex Addictions

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With a world of varied morals and blatantly slutty role models on and off TV, it’s going to be difficult for young teenagers not to be curious. But without a solid foundation of defined morals and standards, teenagers can be lost in the world of porn and sex addiction.

The largest population of porn viewers is between the ages of 14 to 17. And with our children on the internet for homework or education, there’s a high likelihood that they will run into or find a porn site. Furthermore, with the sliding morals of today’s society, teens are more likely to have sex by the time they’re seventeen. These teens are unlikely to get married until their mid-twenties; and early sexual encounters greatly increase their chances of contracting STDs or conceiving an unwanted pregnancy.

Being a parent is definitely much harder these days. Still, there’s hope. What you can do is help your child make the right decisions.


Don’t wait to talk to your teen or child about sex. If your kids don’t learn about it from you, they will learn about it from somebody else; and you may not like what that someone is telling them. While each family has a different set of moral values, it is still more prudent to talk to your child about your expectations and beliefs from the get-go. A child doesn’t have to be hitting puberty for you to be honest with him. Continue to talk to him about sex and other serious matters as he grows and becomes an adolescent.

Teach Your Daughters Modesty

Girls are just as susceptible to sex addiction as men. Teach young women about the importance of their own bodies. Always dress modestly and dress your daughter modestly. If you let your little girl run around in short-shorts and tank tops when she’s little, then when she’s older she’s not going to think, “Why, I have breasts and hips now; I better stop wearing these kinds of clothes.” She may think quite the opposite. So, keep yourself and your child covered so that when she is older, wearing attractive conservative clothing will be normal–not abnormal. She will also learn that she doesn’t need to be “sexy” and revealing to be valued.

Desktop Computers Are Best

The next step would be to prevent any kind of accidental introduction to porn. Be sure to buy or download filters for your computer. These will block pornographic sites. Also, be sure to have an anti-virus program so that porn sites won’t be able to latch onto kid-friendly sites. Keep the family computer in the front room at all times; this way your teen won’t be able to view porn with complete security. Laptops can be a problem because these are easily moved and hidden. Plus, your teen can quickly close his computer before you see what he was viewing. So, buy your family a desktop computer instead of a laptop.


Perhaps, with these few measures, you can help your teen make the right decisions concerning porn and sex. But even with the best precautions and parenting, some teens will still get “hooked” on the high of sex. Thankfully, there are experts and specialty programs that help troubled teens. You can make use of such services in case your teen needs help in overcoming his or her sex addiction.

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