How to Stay on Track When Your Nanny Calls in Sick

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Whether your nanny lives in your home or drives to your house each morning, it’s almost guaranteed that there will occasionally be days when she wakes up and is too sick to take care of your children. Because quality nannies provide so much value, suddenly finding yourself without one can feel like a shock. Even if it’s just one day, no one likes being thrown out of their routine.

Since this is one of those issues that you simply can’t avoid forever, here are some tips on what to do when it eventually happens:

Plan in Advance: As previously mentioned, getting sick is a part of life. Since it will eventually happen to your nanny, you can save yourself a lot of stress by planning in advance. By creating a plan and knowing exactly what you’ll do if you receive this call, you’ll be able to avoid scrambling around in the morning as you’re trying to get ready for work.

Neighbor or Family Member: A key part of creating a plan is finding someone who you know is going to be around and available with very little notice. In most cases, this means someone who’s retired. Whether it’s an older neighbor or family member, ask them in advance if they’ll be willing to step up if you find yourself in this type of situation.

If you’re hesitant to ask someone who’s older, keep in mind that even though they may not have enough energy to take care of your kids five days a week, helping out for one day shouldn’t be an issue. Also, since there is a chance that your first backup option may be out of town on a trip, it’s best to have at least two very dependable backup options.

Ask Your Nanny: What happens if you don’t live in the same area as any of your family members? How about if you just moved and don’t know any of your neighbors yet? In either case, you may be worried that you’re not going to have any reliable backups. Luckily, you still have another option. All you need to do is ask your nanny if she knows any other nannies with a flexible schedule. If she does, you can get their contact information and talk to them about being your backup.

Longer-Term Options: If your nanny gets really ill or is injured in an accident, she may be out of commission for longer than just a day. In this situation, you’ll probably want to get an actual temp. Although that may seem like a hassle, nanny agencies actually make it very easy to do. Not only can they promptly help you out, but you can count on the nanny they send to be thoroughly screened and completely qualified for the position.

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